Finally a Real Australian Girl

Saturday in Sydney.

I’ve been in Australia for 8 days now and had some awesome experiences: Hiking, beaches, great sex. Finally time for a genuine local girl. I seriously consider hitting one of the brothels and just window shopping, but hesitate. The advantage of brothels is you get to see every girl up front then choose what you want. The down side, is the performance can be very mechanical, and for me it is just fucking arm candy. They look great, but are not as into it as you can find with some of the indies. I opt to call the number Charlotte gave me instead, and ask for one of the girls she recommended, who happens to be available to come to my studio this afternoon: Lucie Bee. She is a legit porn star, gamer, sharp minded  advocate for sex workers…and a quintessential spinner (FTW!).

Lucie shows up on time, and looks great. She is smart, strong willed and knows geeks. Unexpectedly also wears great glasses. GWG! Awesome…

Lucie Bee. Australian Porn Star, Geek Goddess and Escort.
Lucie Bee. Australian Porn Star, Geek Goddess and Escort.

We have a good session. One of the best blow jobs ever, then cowgirl. Fantastic. I definitely owe her a review if there is an Aus site she uses ( I doubt she needs one though).

Even though she and Charlotte are both working for the same agency, their independence remains and is apparent. The agency is really just booking and marketing for them. This may change my opinion of agencies. There is one back home which is notorious for recruiting young girls, feeding them crack then kicking them to the curb when they get past 25. Agencies like that have set the tone for my opinion of agency setups. However, I know better than to put everyone into the same bucket, so will endeavor to be more open minded.

So, finally a real Australian girl. We also had an interesting conversation about the industry in Australia. Lucie is well versed and thoughtful.

There are still conservatives (for lack of a better word), who either want to control, or are offended by this industry and the providers that serve it. Sydney has its share of folks pitching sin, judgement and morality. This is unfortunate. Still I am optimistic. In my hometown all of this is underground. We know the police are really after the traffickers, but everyone still needs to be cautious. At least here there is open dialogue and recognition of legitimate status.

As an American it is always interesting to visit places were escorting is legal.  it is nice to see the providers and their clientele at least have a venue to indulge, with less risk here of uncle LEO putting the cuffs on.

Sunday is my last full day in Australia. Off to the Philippines on Monday…

3 Comments Add yours

  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    Very interesting to hear your take on agencies.
    I tend to prefer agencies, especially ones that have delivered for me in the past.

    I also hold out hope that I can secure a deal with the girls from agencies, entice them to just treat me as if she were independent.


  2. TheBloggingSD says:

    Curious to know, which agencies have you run into that feed their girls crack. (Wasn’t sure if that was literal or not)


    1. uehobbyist says:

      There is a place here in my hometown that absolutely is in that business. Not just crack either. They have quite the rep and a multi channel business webcams, sex parties and escorts. hopefully they are not the norm.


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