Free :-) but not Free $$$

I logged in to write a review of Charlotte on Thursday night and got a pop up ad for a verification service that featured a photo of her. Wow, great targeted marketing! I’m an IT guy and know this is just science and statistics. However I wish I could target my customers like that.


Review sites and verification systems are necessary tools in this hobby for me. Firstly because it increases my chance of meeting girls I am going to thoroughly enjoy. And secondly because it reduces the risk of being scammed or wasting time on girls that really aren’t my thing. This is demonstrated by what happened with the girl on Sunday. I had no way to check reviews on her. Fortunately, I lucked out. Not always my experience in the past.


Still no luck finding an Australian girl that strikes my fancy. I send a few emails to a higher end Australian escort site, but get no replies. The holiday is coming up, and I am an outsider so if they are busy, I am less likely to get a reply. I get myself a little turned on writing Charlotte’s review. So went to sleep with her image in my mind and woke up the same way on Friday.

I am bound and determined to find a girl for today and start cruising the internet. Then it occurs to me it is a holiday in Australia: Good Friday. What if everyone is booked? Oh Shit…everything is closed, stuck in the apt for a whole rainy day with nothing to do. Right at noon, a dozen ads hit the classified site I am reading, and the first one is Charlotte Marr. SIGN. I figure, what the hell, she is probably having the same problem as me…holiday, everything is closed, etc…I’ll probably never get a chance to repeat with her again, and it is guaranteed to be a great session. No brainer. I request. She replies “yes”. We set a time for early evening, and I can relax… a good session is coming…Fuck the local girls.

It is raining, so I head over to Dee Why to watch the surfers. Nice beach, cool atmosphere. Charlotte and I start texting about something and she suggests I come over earlier.

“I’m free, but not really LOL.”

Great catch phrase. We should put that on a T-Shirt. Sums up a lot of things in and out of this hobby/profession.

I head over. She has a parking space at her studio, but it is on a windy little weird street, and I’ll be damned if I can find it. The street is broken in half by a staircase….who-the-fuck-does that? “by jove, we’ll never need to drive cars through here, let’s just put in some steps.” FUCK. I spend 30 minutes driving my little rental around looking for the secret entrance. Motivated, I finally get there. I think my dick is actually driving the last few turns.

She is dressed casually. Looks great. When I get inside, she presents me with a little gift: a cock ring with a little clit vibrator on top. It was like $4 at the drug store, but, from my PoV, it might as well have been a rolex. 🙂 .  First gift ever from a provider, other than the obvious (Every real orgasm you get from a provider is a gift and compliment). For her to go out of her way to try and bring a real orgasm into the bed with me like this, was very flattering.

We have another great session. Work up an appetite. Then we break for a bit, walk down to the beach and grab a bite. Mexican. Right across from the beach. Salt air, margaritas, beer. The waiter barely speaks English and is from Europe. Same home town as my great grandfather. Small world.

Romantic walk back in the dark. Swooping giant bats in the rain. Memorable. She looks great in a little black slip on dress. Every guy we walk by is staring ;-). Wives are not happy.

We get back to the studio and start another round. Break out the present. Holy shit, talk about awesome sex. That is the best thing since sliced fucking bread. Somehow I lasted significantly longer than normal and she came hard. Her laying on my chest shuddering, will remain a memorable moment for me. Wow. How can I buy stock in that thing?

After (or maybe before) Charlotte offered a referral for some Australian girls she knows. Gives me a number to call: “Tell them what you want and say I referred you.” Then she pulls up some videos and starts selling me on girls I will probably like.

What fucking planet am I on? Definitely through the looking glass.

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  1. Electech says:

    Around Christmas, I was visiting a young lady who I had seen several times before. She shocked me by giving me a bottle of wine as a gift. I don’t drink, and I guess that she does not drink. I assume that another hobbyist gave her the wine. I really appreciated that she gave it to me.

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