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I received a vibrating cock ring as my first ever gift from a provider yesterday.  It was the second time I have seen her in less than week, and I didn’t know who she was two weeks ago.  We met travelling internationally, through an adult dating site, and are both more than 9,000 miles from home. To top that off, she recommended another awesome provider who just left me flush an hour ago. This is the best fucking hobby EVER.

quick nod ladies… you have made my week 🙂




I’m on an unexpected free pass from my wife of 18 years, and have been enjoying The Hobby, for just under a year now. There is a story in how this pass came to be, which I will address in a later post.  For now, let’s start with the present.


Right now, I am in Sydney, Australia on a month long multi stop business trip very far from home.  I was supposed to be in Manila this week. However, It is Holy Week and a co-worker there waived me off.  I revised my travel plan to stay an extra week in Sydney, but on vacation instead.  I changed my flights, rented a car, and booked a studio apt in Mosman (an upscale neighborhood) on AirBnB.  Not a bad deal. Sydney is cool, and as an American it is always interesting to visit places were escorting is legal.

The ladies I see regularly at home are very interested in the scene here, and have asked me to “report back”. I was determined to seek out the local aussie talent.

I spent half of last week locked in a conference room working (IT Consulting) with a sticky customer. The highlight of the week was a beautiful client PM who sat next to me every day, and smelled awesome. One of the benefits of the hobby is that I can be cool, calm and collected at work nowadays. Bat those big blue eyes at me all you want, I am still going to focus on the work at hand and will not be distracted by your wiles (not too much, anyway).  I am certain the customer sat her next to me on purpose to help their side of the negotiations. LOL.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. I would have done the same thing.

Finally Friday night comes and the work is done. One of my co-workers who is flying out in the AM invites me to dinner. We have a great conversation about travel and working, and agreed that we’ve both wasted many years of travelling to cool places, only to do nothing fun. He asks me as we go back to the hotel to promise him I will do something fun for him while I am here. He has no Idea. 🙂


My wife gave me three rules with the pass. Rule #2: No one can know


I move out of the hotel to my AirBnB place Saturday am. First thing I need is groceries. In the grocery store, I run into an old co-worker from 10 years ago. We end up on a drunken bender in a strange bar with a pair of young waitresses drinking with us after their shift ended. We are drunk as hell, and it is late. My renewed friend is desperately trying to get one or both of these girls to go back to his pad. His company has put him up in a rental house nearby. His wife and kids are all still back in the states. He keeps nudging me to be a good wingman, and is confused as to why I am not helping him in his quest. He’s says “you’re so straight laced, let go, we’re on the road”. He has no idea of my hobby, and I just say “I’m too drunk”. There is a brothel less than 100 yards from where we are drinking. He would “never resort to that” he says. He has no idea that he is going about this backwards.

Granted, those waitresses were not sitting with us two drunk men, twice there age for no reason.  However, that shit always somehow gets way too complicated, way too fast. I don’t need weirdness 9000 miles from home. Finally I pour my buddy into an Uber, and stumble my own drunk ass home on foot ALONE.

Saturday wasted.

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    1. uehobbyist says:

      Glad to help;-) sorry i’ve been out a couple of days…will get back to it shortly


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