Welcome to Manila

25 million people live in metro Manila. It is one of the most highly populated cities on the planet. Filipina women are beautiful and plentiful. Manila is a land of spinners.

As sex tourism cities go, it can get crazy. Unlike Sydney, escorting is illegal here, but widely tolerated. The sessions are cheap and easy to book. There are a wide range of choices, from Korean drink clubs where girls drink with you for a fee, to private sex parties on chartered yachts with bevvies of beauties.

I saw more than one thread in Sydney with guys talking about how they can fly to Manila for a hobbying weekend cheaper than some single sessions in central Sydney.

There is an ad online right now for airport limo service: 2 girls of your choice, food, drinks, and a 2 hour slow car ride to your hotel. Writing that one down for the next trip.

This is my second trip to the Philippines. The last visit was 5 months ago; very early into the Pass. I have a lot of work scheduled here this year, and will be back again.

Last time I took it slow here, having only one session. I saw one girl who I booked through an agency which was recommended by a review site. The reviews claim it is the most reliable place in town. Regular health checks on the providers, guaranteed photos, no drivers, direct relationships with the hotels, and a very short roster of permanent girls.

This agency delivered as promised on the last trip, so I am using them again, even though I am not fond of agencies. Until I get to know the local scene a little better, I will be more cautious trying to find independents than I was in Sydney. There are no reviews I can find of individual girls, just the agencies. Most of the talent I see are Filipinas. Very few imports. Buy local 😉 .

The girl on the last trip, whose name is Shantal, was awesome. I booked her for a 2 hour outcall to my hotel, and we had a stellar 3 1/2 hour session. She was bright, friendly and very sexy. We had an awesome time. I see she is still available at the same place.

After pondering what to do next, I decided to book a double. I strongly considered booking Shantal for a repeat. However, I am in an adventurous mood. I’ve been here a little over 24 hours, and it has been very low key….basically, unpack, stock up from the grocery store, laundry, head to the work site for a bit, then zzz.

I booked the girls (Mika and Mayumi) online via chat (gotta love technology). The agency verified me with the hotel to be sure I was legit. Full name, room number, they call the hotel.

I am set up for my first threesome in the hobby tomorrow at 2pm, which will be billed to my credit card. It is a 2 hr session.

If I fail to post after this, I had a heart attack. Be happy for me.

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  1. Jack says:

    Interesting. I spent a couple of years in the Philippines (long before the internet). Back then, they had clubs that you could find women. You could choose what you wanted and then pay a “bar fine” to the club to go do whatever you want. Ran about $30 as I recall. I gotta believe you can do the same thing now but it’s probably $100. And, back then, the gals got $40 for the whole night. We would go clubbing in places they didn’t work in. Hotel staff really didn’t care because they were dates. Sometimes would stay over at her place. Brings back fond memories. I’d need a gross of blue pills to survive Manila for a week, today.
    (just my take; you have a pretty cool deal goin’ on with this ‘Pass’ thing. A lot of guys would kill for that. Drop me a line.)


    1. uehobbyist says:

      I have heard about the clubs, but not tried them. Usually I’m working odd hours so clubbing hasn’t really been an option. I’ll be back there later this summer.


  2. Aloofer says:

    Could you kindly share the name of the agency you used?


    1. uehobbyist says:

      Manila Courtesans


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