The Hotel Gauntlet

I woke up to a nice sunrise in Manila. My room is high up with a good view. I can see Corregidor in the distance. Today is the Philippine version of Memorial Day: Day of Valor. The city is gearing up for a holiday.

The threesome turned out pretty lame.  Definitely not worth running the hotel gauntlet.

There is not enough time to hook up a session today that will be any good. I’ve been in this moment a few times since the start of all this. It ends up being good money thrown after bad. My Filipina experience will have to wait until next trip. I need a better plan for Manila next time. My last trip here was great. This one was a dud.

Another factor to consider when hobbying in Manila is the hotel security gauntlet.

In order to get up to the rooms, you have to pass through a few layers. Doormen, metal detector, elevator to the lobby, front desk, then another elevator which requires your room key to get to your floor.

Calling escorts up to your room is a bit awkward. The front desk will call me, announce my guest, and I have to pick them up from the lobby.

The front desk staff are young Filipinas who are attractive, courteous and professional. The front desk manager is a Filipina beauty in her own right, and sharp. She doesn’t miss a thing, and definitely disapproves of the hobbies of her guests.

Part of the price to get girls up to your room is to endure her disapproving stare when you pick up your guests from her domain.

This is another reason I won’t attempt another session today. The line has already been crossed with her yesterday, she knows I am a rat bastard. I don’t want to go another notch down in her opinion today.

Another one? PIG.


After finishing morning email I decide to go get a cup of coffee. On the way down in the elevator, a Korean girl gets in. Cute. She has a great smile, and an impressive figure. Tight blouse, short skirt. Understated K-Pop. Nice.

On the street level she precedes me out of the elevator. The head doorman is there.

The doorman looks K-Pop girl up and down, then sees me getting out of the elevator after her….I get the evil eye.

Yes, I know I am a pig. But that one is not even mine. I promise…..

2 Comments Add yours

  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    I faced the same dilemma’s when I was in S.E Asia. Not in the Phillipines, but I didn’t want the hotel (especially a smaller private hotel) to know I’m a rat bastard!


  2. TheBloggingSD says:

    Eventually the little guy won over.


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