Shantal of Manila

I met Shantal on my previous visit to Manila. She was definitely worth running the hotel security gauntlet. I was a little under 5 months into the Pass, and still unsure of how to go about things. She was my first real outcall. Up to that point I was strictly incall everywhere I went. In Bucharest the month prior, the hotel had a similar set up. I sat in the hotel bar and watched the security/front desk/escort dance. I didn’t have the confidence to indulge, but observed and learned. The hotel staff disapproves. They won’t stop you, but you will have to jump through some hoops to get the escort upstairs.

That Bucharesti front desk manager was a sexy and smart young woman. Long wavy hair, golden brown eyes and could convert currency at the daily rate in her head. How is the RON against the US Dollar this morning? It’s a little bit up sir 🙂 .

When I got to Manila a month later, I decided to try my luck and was rewarded with Shantal. The front desk made her stand in the middle of the lobby with a guard to wait for me.

When I arrived, the guard gave me a big smile and a wink. The desk manager shot him an evil look. He is on her shit list now for sure. Sorry dude.

Once Shantal was up to the room, we sat on the couch and chatted a bit. She is educated, charming, and a flatterer. I’m nervous. We talk for a while on the couch (fully dressed). Then she puts her hand on my thigh and kisses me. That got the ball rolling. She went from pretty girl to PSE in about 5 minutes. Wow. I learned things.

3 hours later, we are in the shower. She is cleaning me up with a bar of soap and notices I still have some life in me.  She looked me in the eye and gave me a big naughty grin. Uno mas 🙂 . That was a session like none other I had experienced up until that point. She set the bar for my expectations of the Philippines.

After she left the room. The front desk called me. “Sir your guest miss Shantal is leaving. Is it ok to let her exit the building?”

WTF, really? Scorn on the way out too? I should have walked her out.

Yes, I am a pig.

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