The First Escort

I’ve got 10 hours to kill on this flight to Detroit. Let’s rewind a bit to my first escort experience.

Once I made the decision, I had no idea where to start.

I thought through a ton of options: Chicks in bars, friends with benefits, escorts… then started with an internet search on cheating and affairs. This led me to BackPage, AshleyMadison, Seeking Arrangements, and NaughtyReviews.

Paging through NR I was surprised at all the great choices for escorts with ‘guaranteed service’ in my home town, and how affordable they were. I was expecting escorts to cost 5 or 10 times what was posted on NR. The second revelation was that my idea of “hookers” from TV and movies was way off. These women were hot, young and upscale….at least in the pictures.

I decided a multi thread approach was best, and signed up for paid accounts on NR, SA and AM.

10 months into this hobby, and neither SA nor AM have ever panned out. I deleted those profiles about 6 months ago. I am reconsidering SA, but that is another post.

I found Paris on NR.

Early 30’s, blonde, tall, and thin. We corresponded for a few days. The first hurdle: I had no references. I tell her in email that it is my first time and plead my case. She finally agrees. But she wants to meet me ahead of time. If we like each other, we can go from there.

I meet her at a Starbucks across town. I am nervous as hell and was not sure what to expect. She was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. I was in jeans too, but bought a new shirt for this date. I wanted to look nice.

Wow, a real professional escort.

A month ago I would have checked out her ass in the Starbucks and fantasized about how to pick her up with a clever line. I had no idea that for a few hundred dollars, no line required. Looking at her, I never would have known.

How many more are out there?

She smiles a warm hello. We have a latte and chat a bit. About 15 minutes into the conversation she says: “I’m comfortable, how about you?”

Pregnant pause. This is it. If I move ahead, there will be no way of taking this back. Ever.

I croak out a meek “yes”.

She chuckles. “you sure?”

More confident this time “Yes. I am. Let’s go.”

She rewards me with a big grin (Atta boy!), pulls out her phone and books a hotel room online.

I follow her in my car over to a standard business hotel and wait in the parking lot while she checks in.

Another revelation:  this is an all Inclusive rate, plus she gets the room in her name.

I was expecting: seedy motel, cash for an hourly room, alias …all from the movies.

I am a noob.

She texts me the room number.

Game On.

I walk back to the room. The door is ajar. I knock, she says lets me in. Don’t know what to do first. She is all smiles. I think she genuinely enjoyed this whole cherry popper moment.

She motions to the bed with another chuckle. We sit there talking for a few minutes. Then start kissing lightly. She takes her shirt and bra off. Wow. this could have been an ad for guess jeans in 1983. Perfect natural breasts. I am instantly hard as a rock.

We start making out. Roaming hands, tongues. The jeans came off…

My cock hadn’t seen action like that in a very, very long time. Totally fucked me silly. I grinned for days.

Afterwards she also gave me a little education session about how some of this worked. Backpage, reviews, references, incall vs outcall, etc.

I went into this session thinking I would just be able to get laid once or twice a month with a good looking woman.

Afterwards, I knew I had just embarked on a whole new way of life.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    Sounds a lot like my first time!
    Also its interested about your multi pronged approach – I’ve had success on SA myself, though it is more expensive than an Incall.

    Surprising how incall rates are cheaper than out call. I get the driving for an incall, but getting a hotel, that eats up at least $80 for a good hotel room.


    1. uehobbyist says:

      Actually, i’m finding that whether incall or outcall is cheaper depends on the lady. I see a few women who do not have a standard incall, and will charge me less to come to my location.


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