The First Regular

I found the second girl two days later on BackPage. Kacey runs an ad with a sexy photo of herself wearing glasses. Spinner, geek chick.

She is the first escort that really befriended me, which is also something I never expected.

She introduced me to TER (, which is now my go to site for reviews. If a girl doesn’t have a few reviews on TER, I usually skip her. She also introduced me to the local forums on USASG ( . The forums are good for understanding the lay of the land in any new city. Travelling around the US, you can log into different boards by location and see who is legitimate, and who is not.

Kacey is smart, funny and sexy. She can give a blowjob while talking a mile a minute. First session, she’s telling me the story of how she got started. Looks up at me over the rim of her glasses with my cock in her mouth, pulls up and says:

“That was when I fell in love with escorting.”

I’m totally hooked.

That session was around 4 in the afternoon on a Friday. I meet a group of friends in the same bar every week. We have a favorite waitress, sit at the same table, drink beer, and tell jokes. No wives. It is a good group.

I left Kacey’s place that day and went straight to the bar.

They say “boy you’re in a great mood tonight.”

I was dying to brag, but for the first time in my life, I kept my mouth shut.

“I’m just happy it is Friday”

Kacey became my first regular … every Friday afternoon before the bar.

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  1. TheBloggingSD says:


    The sexguide webpage has a similar international flavor. InternationalSexGuide (google that). I went there first when I was abroad, then found the USA guide. Then got introduced to TER. That is my go to!


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