My Animal Hindbrain in the Motor City

I am in Detroit quite often. The people here are hardworking and resilient. I admire them. Well, those that are still here anyway.

The Hobby can be a challenge here. I’ve had more than one case of not the girl in the picture. However, I made a decision on the last trip to leverage Preferred411 which yielded the two ladies I saw here this week. Detroit is shaping up.

The last leg of my trip, two great sessions, plus I learned a little about myself: My cock has ruled my life more than I realized. Shocking. Lol.



One thing that continues to surprise me is how many beautiful women are escorts that you would never suspect.

I booked Saturday afternoon at my hotel with Scarlett. This was my first repeat with her. We first met on my last trip through town. She shows up in the jeans I request and is truly the girl next door. The people who live next to her in real life have no idea what she really does. You could stand behind her in the grocery store, trying to casually check her out, and never know she is a high end professional escort.

Petite. Blonde. Great ass, and fantastic in bed. Scarlett loves sex.

Another thing that surprises me in this hobby is that you can find girls you have real chemistry with, and have unbelievable sex with them.

Beyond chemistry, Scarlett has also become another one of my secret friends. Spending Saturday afternoon with her was a great way to unwind from this long trip. Laying there naked, sweaty from sex, drinking a beer with her was the perfect homecoming to the States. We click on a lot of levels, and spend as much time joking and talking as fucking. She is genuine and fun to be around.

At the end of the afternoon, the bed is completely wrecked, and a little askew from the wall. Sheets half on the floor. Bra, panties and jeans in a pile, beer bottles on the nightstand. Afternoon Delight.

This woman is awesome.



Later in the week, I booked an evening with Lea. I found her on P411 last trip, but didn’t have time to see her. We met at her hotel mid-week. Our first time together. She’s another one under the radar. Professional day job. Smart, sexy, articulate. You’d never know secretly she’s an escort. During the email setup, I made a comment that I was looking for a sexy co-worker. When I get to the room, she is dressed in normal business attire from her day job. Silky blouse, black skirt, heels. Smoking hot. Normal person, normal life, secret escort. I love this new underworld.

Tall, blonde, great body. (there seem to be a lot of blondes in my sessions lately LOL)

Lea is also into this hobby because she loves sex. We have a great session. She fucks me silly. Twice. Getting fucked silly is my new favorite pastime.

In between rounds, we talk about sex and relationships. A light bulb goes off for me somehow during that conversation: Many choices in my life have been based on getting laid.

I know, I know: This is a plainly obvious trait of nearly every man on the planet.

Nevertheless, a small epiphany for me. Better late than never. Talk about things you wish you could go back and tell yourself when you were 18.


I hadn’t really connected how much my life has been influenced by sex: Girls I thought I was in love with, stuff I got pissed off about, relationships built or destroyed. All driven by getting laid or not.

Now that sex is finally separating a bit from my normal relationships and daily life, it is becoming clearer.

A perfect example occurred a few hours before I met with Lea.

There’s a woman in the finance department I had noticed around the office before. Beautiful. Tall, short dishwater blonde hair, great figure, and smells fantastic. We are in a team building lunch with a bunch of people. Everyone is standing around, and I end up next to her. Someone introduces us. Small talk. I mention I’m having trouble with my budget portal. She says “come by my desk later, I’ll look at it for you.”

I take her up on it about an hour later. She only has one chair, so I kind of crouch down on the floor next to her chair to see the laptop from a better angle. That surprises her. She looks down at me for a second (right in the eyes) and grins a little grin. Spark. She thinks it’s cute that I’m squatting on the floor at her desk.

The moment hangs there. Seems to stretch out for a long time. In reality, probably less than 5 seconds. Long enough. We focus our attention back to my laptop on her desk. Both reach for the keyboard at the same time. Hands brush. Another moment. My brain is on fire.

She pulls the laptop towards her: “let me take control”. Eyes meet. Sly grin. Now her brain is on fire.  🙂

She taps a few keys, finds the right link, refreshes it, and voila the portal is fixed. Crap. Our moment is done. Technology never fails when you want it to.

Our eyes meet again. Both disappointed. Our encounter is over.

Good thing my appointment with Lea was later that night.

Before the hobby, this would have sent me down a path….all because we had a moment of chemistry and I suddenly want to sleep with her.

Before marriage, I would have pursued her and if I got lucky, been rewarded with being dumped 90 days later because she’s a diehard Tigers fan and I hate baseball.

After marriage, I wouldn’t have pursued her, but would have been extremely distracted every time I crossed her path.

Now I can separate that out. I’m still excited, but can walk away.

When is the next teambuilding lunch?

See rule #1.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    Ha! Even though I don’t have he same pass as you. There is still this cute red head that I wish to explore many things with.
    I’ve made the first step – getting the intro out of the way. We are both younger, and have shared a few moments (at least in my head) over some common things we do etc.

    I’m an impatient man!


    1. uehobbyist says:

      that is half the fun 😉


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