Home Again

My wife picked me up at the airport last night. We are happy to see each other. It’s been over two months. She’s changed her hair. Shorter, darker. It looks great. I prefer her natural color (lighter auburn), but she likes it as dark as possible. No matter, she’s happy with the color, and that’s what really matters. We’re all smiles in the car. She’s been working outside all day at her volunteer job. We’re starving, and end up in the parking lot of a fast food place eating chicken sandwiches and fries in the car. This is part of our ritual: Drive through junk food. Decadent. Things click back into place as if we’ve not been apart. We head home. I dump the suitcase next to the washer to be dealt with tomorrow.

We collapse in the bed. She is in an old t-shirt and panties. I love this look. Especially on her. Fantastic. I’m a little aroused, but know nothing is going to come of it. I ask her to rub my back a bit. She straddles my butt and works my tight back muscles with her hands. Aroused a little more, still knowing nothing will happen. Flashback to one of my new friends giving me a similar backrub, which ended up much differently. Sly, sleepy smile. I drift off a bit. I’m exhausted. So is she.

We go back to our appointed places in the bed. I stretch my foot out to touch hers and leave it there. She smiles “I’m glad your home. I love you”. Goes back to her book, which is fantasy porn. Gay vampires who can’t get enough of fucking each other. LOL. She loves those books. Sci-fi for me. Hot space chicks in tank tops with ray guns. No book for me tonight. Sleep comes quickly.

Good to be at home in my own bed.

This morning I’m up early with coffee and this blog. Saturday, 5am on the back patio. Birds are waking up, frogs in the background. It must’ve rained last night. Home.

She has a volunteer gig all day, so I’ll have the house to myself. I need to submit expenses and do laundry. Turn my kit around. Back on the road in about 10 days for another two weeks.

Considering going to see one of my secret friends, but probably won’t. We’ll see how the day goes. My next session is scheduled for Friday with one of my ATF’s. Certain to be a good one. I may see someone between now and then or maybe not.

My cat is happy to see me too. “put the tablet away. LAPTIME”.

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