A Personal Touch

A little goes a long way.  Received a cute text from one of my ATF’s today. Summer, who will be in some upcoming posts 😉  .  Something small and personal that we had discussed before.  We were corresponding to confirm our upcoming appointment this Friday.  She took a minute to throw in a little actual conversation at the end. A human touch. Means a lot.

Contrary to what’s going on in the media with morality, generalization, misinformation and a bunch of other BS… Sex workers are human beings like the rest of us.  Relationships, insights, emotions, personal successes and failures…

I can never presume to fully understand their position, because I can never be in their shoes.  However, I can respect and appreciate their pov.


Yes, I’m trying to go 5 days without sex. LOL, I went a little overboard in Sydney…and Detroit.  Manila was totally under control.

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