A Grooming Incident

T walked in on me in the shower unexpectedly.  Not that this is unusual. We’re normally very casual and open.  Her eyes went straight to my crotch.  I could see it on her face. Why the fuck is he manscaped? We haven’t seen each other naked in three months because we’ve both been on the road.

Not fully shaven, just a slight trim. Definitely not a professional job. Respect for the ladies that always looks so neat and trim down there, btw.  Definitely an art to that. LOL. Keeping myself groomed a bit was something T used to always require of me. I’m not a hairy guy. Can’t even grow a beard.  But, she’s always teased me that I start looking like bad 70’s porn down there.  Anyhow, I let that go several years ago. I figured no point anymore.  So did she.  We’re bushy over 40 married folks now.

I get out, dry off. Cover with a towel. She has the tiniest sly grin.

No one would notice that grin but me.

I’m a little apprehensive now. I’ve been wondering these past few months what she expects I’m up to vs what I’m actually up to. She would be surprised, at the least. I’ve definitely gone overboard in frequency (3x a week). Also, she most likely underestimates the quality of ladies I am seeing. She’s thinking quickies with bowling alley babes, not extended sessions with smart/sexy/beautiful women.

I go back to work. We both work from home when we’re not travelling. Laptops and conference calls all day long. We have built his and hers offices in the house so we both have ample space to work.

Can’t concentrate.  We had a moment right there that skirted rule #3. Nothing was said, but my monkey mind won’t let it go.  Normally, I would address this with a conversation (old social worker in me).  Get thoughts out in the open. Which invariably would lead to some kind of tedious/awkward conversation.  However, in this new life, I keep my mouth shut.

I go for a run. Clears my head. Fuck, am I actually starting to like running?

When I get back, I go back to the bathroom to rinse off, and she is getting out of the shower.

She is ladyscaped.

I notice. She notices me noticing.  Sly little grin.  Nothing said. I can’t tell if she just groomed this afternoon, or if she’s kept it up the past few months.  Can’t ask. Maybe the playing field is more level than I expected.

Either way I’m happy to see it.

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  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    Manscaping is so huge and necessary.
    I’ve heard stories from ladies who say that they prefer men who scape. Definitely takes some effort, but for mutual pleasure, I’m all in.


  2. Electech says:

    I found TER in 2007 and entered the hobby soon after. I was shocked that I could actually have NSA sex with the women of my dreams, although maybe not as often as I might want it. This activity is the one thing in life that makes me ecstatically happy. Males are genetically programmed to seek out and have sex with young attractive women, and I have accepted that. Having a lot of sex also leads to better health and a longer life.

    Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
    — Aristotle (384-322 BC)

    On Manscaping: I was with a Korean provider, and she was absolutely shocked when I undressed and she saw all of my body hair. After that, I bought a body groomer to keep everything trimmed back.

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    1. uehobbyist says:

      it was a new found world for me also


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