Summer Crush

Fantastic Friday session with one of my favorite providers.  My first escort crush:  a girl named Summer.  Smart, funny, sexy, spinner, great kisser, passionate, head for business, and we have some chemistry.

The conversation flows between us easily. However, she always brings me back on topic with kissing and roaming hands.  Professional. I talk too much. She keeps me on track for why we are there.

We’ve been seeing each other for months.  Each time, we get to know each other a little better.  Consequently the next session is a level above.

Summer is schooling me on several things in the bedroom like ‘how to ask for what I want’ and ‘how to let go of what I’m worried about’. We practiced a tiny amount of role play, the last two sessions, and I remain terrible at it.  I can’t get past worrying about what she’s thinking of me at that moment.

I am invested in overcoming this. A little intimidating, but it makes the sessions very interesting.

Once she got me loosened up mentally, we got into fantastic rhythm while we were fucking. Incredible.

First, in reverse cowgirl.  She reached back with both arms and I held her hands tightly (she gave me several hints by reaching back LOL). Once she had a good grip of my hands, she was able to lean forward slightly on her knees, and thrust hard with long, rapid strokes, while I was in synch thrusting up from the bottom.  Lost in the moment watching my cock slide in and out of her pussy to the sound of slapping and grunts. Wow.

Second, in cowgirl. I gripped her hips tightly while she arched over backwards, hands by my feet.  What a view. Pert breasts upward, sculpted stomach clenched. Pounding hard.  Permanent memory.

I’m getting aroused again just typing about this session, which only ended a few hours ago. That was incredible.  We fucked hard.  I have bruises.

Six months ago, I couldn’t have kept up with that in either confidence, rhythm or endurance.

She got me to let go of worrying about my performance or lack thereof. Once I let go a little bit, the sex went to a new level for me. I go lost in it.  Amazing.


Escort Crush

Relationships with providers are professional. I am the client.  She is the Provider.  This hobby is definitely about the people. Just like any other personal interaction in life, I click with some better than others (Some MUCH MUCH better…): sexuality, personality, humor, attractiveness, etc.

It’s not a real crush. I’m not going to leave my wife. She is not going to quit escorting.  Hell, depending on the girl, she may not even remember my name a week from now. Even though I may have just had the best session ever.

It is professional. However, to me it is still a step above the normal service provider.  So I coined my own term.

I never want to be a creep or a time waster, so I don’t spam them with endless texts or fawning emails.  I become a regular, and am always happy to see them.


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  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    Would love to hear your thoughts about how you got over the worry about performance! I feel I get caught up in that too, and I’ve only really let loose and not cared about performance with my wife and one past SB.

    I figure it comes with seeing a regular – but my mind wants me to try variety. Maybe i should settle down. I have a few candidates in mind (for regulars)


    1. uehobbyist says:

      Seeing regulars is my preferred interaction. Getting to know people gets me past a lot of anxiety. When I see a new person, the session is pretty straight forward,and I keep it to an a hour. Longer sessions, weekends and overnights are only with women I know well.


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