The First Day of Summer

I found her in the early days of my first searches in the hobby, but was intimidated because her site lists strict reference requirements. I had zero at the time. 90 days into the hobby, I finally had enough references, and booked her for a Friday morning. One of my favorite session times.

She hooked me in the first 5 minutes of that session. knit top, short skirt, no panties. Ok, that was an easy win, but the remainder of the session was awesome too.

Summer is my type on many levels: Physical, intellectual, business, social, humor, etc

Up until that morning, I was gradually having more and more success finding girls I clicked with. However, each of them was missing something. Some lacked passion, some didn’t know how to operate a calendar or clock, some had seedy incall locations, some had strange rules, on and on…Each was missing something.

I was progressing rapidly in the hobby, and each girl was better than the last. Summer was the first woman where I walked out thinking: Yes! That’s exactly what I’m looking for!

I have seen her regularly ever since.

I thought about her for weeks after that first session. I can remember sitting in hotels thousands of miles away, eating breakfast, remembering moments of her. Getting aroused. I never expected that.

Ok, no fawning allowed.

End post.

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