Coffee Sets the Stage

Quick update. Our day turned out very well.  Once I posted the last message, I put the tablet down and asked T to go out for coffee. She’s not a morning person. Never wants to leave the house this early. Rejects this idea 110% of the time.

Just fucking ask her.

Her face lit up. Smiles: ”That would be nice :-).”

Quoi? You really want to go?  (inside voice).

Starbucks was the start of a great, normal married day….ran errands, hung out, exercised, got take out. Watched one of our mutual fave movies for the 100th time. No sex. Intimacy everywhere. Held hands. Sat close. Actual conversation. Jokes.

Nice fucking day.

I don’t get all the credit, but I did ask, when I knew she would say no.  She responded out of her norm, when she saw my overture.

Both of us put one foot forward.  Partnership.

Now off to bed. Getting up early for that flight.

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