The Dancer – Part 2: The Accidental Overnight

One weekend, I was setting up to see Layla, and she didn’t have a hotel booked yet. It was a Sunday.  T was out of town. I offered outcall to my house instead.  I rarely do outcall at home, but sometimes if I know someone well enough, it has worked out.

I’m sure I crossed a line somehow bringing escorts into the house.  However, our house is great for sex.  T and I never took advantage of that fact.  The floorplan is an built around a pool.  All of the rooms have big glass sliders onto the deck. There’s a 2.5 meter concrete wall around the entire property so it’s completely private.  Good trees, breezy, open, relaxing.

I went to pick her up.  The apartments were not nice.  Not a bad part of town, but on the fringe.  I waited an hour in the parking lot, while she fought with the roommate.  Once in the car, she visibly relaxed.  Thanked me profusely for picking her up. I could see she was exhausted.  It was mid-afternoon.

Back at the house, we hung by the pool a bit.  I could tell she was a little high. I’d been on hiatus because of an upcoming drug screen. I went to get a beer from the fridge, and when I came back, she was asleep in the lounge chair. I let her be.  I had a beer and relaxed in the chair next to her while she slept.  She is beautiful just look at.

She woke up an hour later. Apologized. We ate a bit.  Then she says “we better get started” climbing over to my chair.  Kissing. Always great kissing with her.

We transition to the bedroom through the open doors behind us. I was a beautiful day. We had the whole house open. It was late afternoon/early evening.

We fell easily into what was becoming a regular session for us.  She sits in my lap fucking me slowly while we make out.  We are the same height and our bodies somehow fit perfectly together in this position. We’ve mastered this in our many sessions together. She gets into these long slow orgasms and just fucks me slower and slower, until I meet her in the end.  Very nice, and somehow I think genuine. Never can be sure, but it seems very real.

This time, after we came, we sat there holding each other. Her head on my shoulder.  She falls asleep. Passed out, more likely.  Snoring little snores. I held her for a few minutes.  Amused.  Tried to wake her.  No dice.

Rolled her off, onto her side.

She snuggled into a pillow. Snored some more.

Oh hell, this is pretty funny.

Tried to wake her again.  Nope. Out cold. LOL.

It’s about 7 pm at this point.  I go out to the living room, shut the bedroom door and log into my PS4.  Play BF4 online with Henry for an hour (or two), checking in on Layla after every round of play.  Still asleep. Henry and I are chatting in-game. He has no idea I have a naked woman passed out in my bed.  Wants me to go to a late movie with him and his family.  I decline. “Too tired man. Got work in the morning”.

Her phone is on the counter. By 9 it’s ringing and texting off the hook. It’s locked. I can’t see who is calling. Probably the Cabbie. I don’t answer because I just don’t know who’s going to be on the other end.

Don’t worry dude. I’ll make sure she’s ok.

Try to wake her again.  Snoring like a lumberjack at this point.  Endearing. I’m not worried. The snoring is actually a good sign. I’ve been around a lot of drugs, and their aftermath. Personally, and in social work. She was obviously high on something and is now out cold.  I’m certain she’s not in in any danger.  Breathing normal, skin temp feels good. Not clammy or sweating. Just passed out.

I put the phone on the pillow next to her ear. Hoping it will wake her up. Nope. 10PM.

She mentioned to me once that she sleeps like the dead.  “an atomic bomb wouldn’t wake me up.”  She wasn’t exaggerating.

T has forgotten to call or text.  She works long days on the road and often doesn’t call. I don’t worry unless it goes several days. I don’t ping her.

I have to get up early. Fuck it. I close the house up. Turn on the AC and climb into bed beside my snoozing guest.  Read a bit.  Sci Fi.

Looking over at her sleeping, She’s the spitting image of my ex-wife.  They could be sisters.  I never noticed it before. LOL.  I definitely have a thing for tall thin blondes with long hair.

Turn out the light.  Go to sleep to the sound of her snores.


2 am, I wake to the sound of a helicopter hovering over my house.


Jesus Fucking Christ! WTH? !!

The helicopter is patrolling back and forth spotlighting my yard and the neighbors’ yards too.

Am I dreaming?  NO.

Layla is still sawing logs next to me in the bed.  Sleeping like a rock.  You’ve gotta admire a chick that can get a good night’s sleep. How many women do you know that have trouble sleeping?  LOTS.

Go out to the living room. Her phone is finally quiet. Battery died.

Obviously a police helicopter.

What if they’re looking for Layla?  The Cabbie could have reported her missing. 

A lot of bad 80’s movies start with this scene. My monkey mind starts going in circles with horrible outcomes.

Pull yourself together dude.

Sit down. take a deep breath.  It’s not like you have the woman chained in the basement. No weapons or drugs in the house. Even if for some crazy reason the police are looking for her, Nothing to fear. You are just a dumb ass man with a naked woman in bed while your wife is out of town.  Nothing illegal there.

Suddenly the helicopter is gone.  All quiet.  I sit there in the living room in the dark for half an hour.  Nothing happens.

Paranoia will destroy ya – The Kinks

Go back to bed.  3:30. Drifting off to sleep.  Layla bolts upright in the bed. Has no idea where she is.  I turn the light on. She says “thank god it’s you”. LOL.

I offer to take her home.  At this point, she’d rather just go back to sleep if it was ok with me. We snuggle up and go back to sleep.

I took her home in the morning.

I still see her once a month or so when I’m in town. The experience with her has faded though. I can tell she’s moved up the pharmaceutical food chain again  I’ve offered to help,get her a small solo apartment. She wants to be in control of her own life.  I have to respect that. Even if its painful to watch.

I had never considered an overnight before.  This could be cool, if done correctly. Without the police helicopter, etc.

When I finally got around to a planned overnight (with someone else), it was awesome….that’s another post.

PS scanned the new the next day for details on the helicopter.  NADA. I never found out what that was about.

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