Sex & Companionship in Detroit

I officially have an escort crush on Scarlett. Its good to have a steady friend in Detroit now.

As always, we had a very nice evening. Sessions with Scarlett have two key elements: Great sex and good conversation.

We’re comfortable with one another. Talk flows easily, and she really gets into the sex.

She’s passionate and looks amazing. She sent me an email Friday reminding me to state my wardrobe request. Nice touch. She went shopping today and bought all the clothes for our evening tonight. Thin lavender blouse, camisole, no bra, blue jeans and sexy shoes. Great tits and an ass that deserves to be famous, wrapped in a perfect package. Just for me.

She hooked my ego on a string and I loved it.

She remembers what I like, and what we talked about last time. Small details. Unexpected and appreciated.

We tumbled on the bed in the sexy mess that is always Scarlett. Her on top. Me on top. Etc…She always leaves my bed destroyed.

Afterwards, laying naked on the bed, we relaxed with each other talking: modeling and photo shoots, cats and dogs, running stretches, business ideas. All over the map. Nothing too deep, but personal.


She introduced a tangent to my thinking on intimacy and relationships:   companionship.

Elements of intimacy, but also friendship. The ability to share feelings that can’t normally be shared in public life. Companionship is intimate, yet non-threatening. There is no fear of exposing your weak side to someone, because the discussion isn’t that deep. Sharing pet pics. Family stories. Funny moments. Feels good.


We’ve been naked, talking and touching for quite a while when we started kissing again. Out of the blue she says “let’s mix it up”. “We need some new positions that we haven’t done together”. Sexy Grin.

Out to the living room of my hotel room we go. I fuck her on the desk with her back arched in the air. Fantastic view. Then she gets a new Idea. She hops off the desk. “bend me over the chair”

Me standing. Her knees on the footstool, hands on the living room chair. Good rhythm. The footstool unexpectedly has wheels. Awkward for a second, but ended up adding to the rhythm. We fucked hard, and loud. My hands dug deep into her hips. Footstool slamming the chair with each thrust. The chair bangs against the front window over and over. Surely passers by were impressed.

Talking some more. We wrap it up with pet pics. Time to call it a night. Kiss. Hug. Until next time…

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