We have been upbeat all week. Not sure if that the relief has come from acceptance, or if there is a volcano buried in denial

Someone Else Knows about the Pass

Siobahn is a mutual friend of T’s and mine. She has been cutting hair for both of us since we were dating…like 20 years. She also roomed with us for over a year about a decade ago. Who will get Siobahn in the divorce is the question on my mind.

A Visit to Melissa

Grinning, she lies back on the bed, and pulls me down with her. We lay there a moment with eyes matched. More light kissing, then she offers me her neck. I have missed her. I feel the moans in her throat as my lips are pressed there.

Family Interrupts

My mother ends up in the ER but is thrilled with the divorce. T’s mother is on her ass about it.

How I Choose an Escort

I’ve spent the past year figuring out how to meet the type of women I like and see them regularly.

She Disconnects When The Door Closes

The secret trip to Chicago was very good. Interesting, revealing, fun, sexy and a much needed release. I’ve talked about the concept of an escort crush. Charlotte definitely falls under that category for me. Too much so.

The Watch

I gave up the watch in 1993. I was working at The Children’s Home, physically restraining a 7 year old boy. Robert. He was strong as a fucking horse. I loved that kid. He bit the watch right off the band and spit it in my face. I was proud of him. 20 years later and I still tell that story.


Dark hair, blue eyes. Beautiful. I’ve had her over to my place a few times.

Treat it Like Any Other Date

Like a thousand other dates I had been on before I got married…
Pick up the girl. One of us forgot something. We stop at a store and are standing in the checkout line all dressed up on a weekend night.