The Secret Weekend

I wake at dawn Monday to the sight of Charlotte sleeping naked beside me.  She is on her stomach with the covers pushed down halfway past her butt. Her nude back is perfect. Pink and orange sky outside.  A view of Lake Michigan is her backdrop.  Nice moment.  I sit there taking it all in, and don’t want it to end.

This is the best weekend I can remember having in a very long time.

We have chemistry. Great moments these past few days.  Cool hotels, hiking, tasty restaurants, blues, dancing…

Friday. Meet Up/Sleep Over – 4 star hotel. She meets me in the hotel bar after 9.  Casual. Jeans and a black flowing top.  She always dresses freely.  Touchable fabrics, that draw my hand to the small of her back.  We catch up, eat a bite, and retire to the room.  We have a little fun, re-exploring each other, and crash.  Both exhausted from a long week.  I sleep like a rock.  The first time in months. My mind is completely quiet. I am on a clandestine trip. This beautiful woman is naked in bed with me. My monkey mind is smooth as glass.  Unexpected.

SaturdayHiking/Dinner Out – We drive out to a national park, eat drive thru in the car and hike.  Sweaty, hot, sandy, and love every minute of it.  Neither of us can ever find anyone to hike with.  We make a deal to always do something active when we are together. Oh yes, there will be future weekends 🙂  . We have dinner in a little Vietnamese place she recommends.  Pho, Lemongrass chicken. Good wine. Ladyboy waiter.  We walk back to the hotel arm in arm. A little drunk from the wine. Very fun evening.  Memorable. Sleep like a rock. Again.

Sunday. Hipster Hotel/Blues ClubWe are having so much fun, we decide to extend another day. Move to a hip hotel in Lincoln Park, and spend the afternoon wandering the neighborhood.  It starts raining a little. We duck into a pub to avoid the rain. We grab a table in a window.  Sitting there, we notice a small restaurant across the street. The rain continues unabated. We make a dash for the other place.  It’s a bistro.  Stylish.  We have mussels and a bottle of wine. Fantastic food.  The rain finally stops. We hop a cab to a blues club about a mile away. Beer, live music and a little dancing. The bands have the crowd really going. Our afternoon wandering has turned into another fun evening.  Back to the hotel at 1 in the morning.  Get naked. Devour each other. She is amazing.  I Make sure I set an alarm, because we have to be up early.

I wake up just before the alarm goes off.  She is still asleep. We’ve both got to get into Monday and the work week.

She stirs awake. Hair tousled. Beautiful.

I get coffee downstairs, and we cuddle up a bit in the bed for 45 minutes, talking about the fun we had. Check out, get the car from the valet.

Back to the airport.  Mixed feelings.  Feeling good about the time, but sad that it is over.

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  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    Curious to know – is this weekend with her a session? Or has this developed into more of a friendship (which would be pretty cool!)


    1. uehobbyist says:

      These are booked as weekends. We have developed a friendship, but this is all still professionally scheduled.


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