Sunday – Running, Wine and Weed

Back to my hometown for Mother’s Day. Small beach town. Just one night. See my mom and give T some space to think.

Up early to run on the beach and discovered I forgot my running shoes. Fuck it. Run barefoot. First time doing that. Pretty good run. I’m motivated. 5 miles in almost record time.

Brain on fire. Fire bad.

The beach was perfect. Just what I needed. Maybe I’ll come stay out here for a bit during the coming months.

Have breakfast with mom. Kiss her goodbye and head back home (about an hour drive). Driving back, T texts me that she is headed to see her folks for the day, and will be back late afternoon.

I’ll have the day to myself.

What to do?

Who to do?

Run through the starting lineup in my mind. The beauty of being a regular. Well worth the investment of time and money to get to this point in the hobby.

  • Summer – off on weekends
  • Melissa – off on weekends
  • Tori – MILF. Mother’s Day. She’ll be with her kids.
  • Victoria – MILF. Ditto.
  • Layla – Haven’t seen her in a two months. Usually works weekends. BINGO.


‘Hey L, you available?’

‘yep. Just checked in. Got wine and weed. When can you get here hun?’

’25 mins’

‘come on over babe’


The classic booking exchange.   Wonder how many of these texts get sent in the world every hour?

She’s a little high already when I arrive. We smoke a little. Great weed. Eat ice cream and M&M’s. Hang out a couple of hours. Lay around naked, fuck and eat junk food listening to Van Morrison

She starts drifting off to sleep. My signal to go.

I kiss her goodbye and head home.

Sunday is done.

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  1. When your out with these women in your home town have you ever run into someone you know?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      Never. Now I’ve probably Jinxed myself though. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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