Tall Victoria

I am going to see Victoria tomorrow.  Just an hour.  She is another one of my regulars.  She lives and works out of her home, which is about 10 minutes from mine.

When I’m not travelling, I work from home.

She is tall (over 6ft), long brown hair and crystal blue eyes.  6 of my 8 regulars are blonde.  2 are brunette, and both named Victoria. One tall. One short. Both are MILFs.  Wow a lot of similarity there….

Tall V is who I will see tomorrow.  Not an escort crush.  More FWB than GFE.  We are comfortable with each other. Friendly. She has skills and is stunningly beautiful.

She is the only one I have ever advanced money to.  This is definitely a lesson to learn in the hobby:  Money and payment.

Since I am close, she occasionally hits me up when days are slow.  I’m always good for an hour in the middle of the day when I am in town.

The reverse of the standard escort booking text.

“Hey it’s V. Are you available?  Things are slow.”

“Sure. I’ll be there in 30.”

One of those times, I brought some extra cash.

She had bills to pay. We worked out a deal. I paid up front for a handful of sessions.

Then, over the ensuing weeks, we worked through them.  She kept thanking me. Like I was doing HER the favor.  Hard to grasp.  Here is this beautiful woman, calling me to fuck, in the middle of the day, 10 minutes from my house…and she was thanking ME.

Almost an arrangement, but not quite.

She has a young son (just turned 5).  Doesn’t have custody. He lives with his dad (who lives with his parents).  She pays support and sees the boy on weekends. The grandparents disapprove of her, but she is grateful for them taking proper care. Never met him, but from the pics, he has his mom’s eyes.

Like I said, I was a social worker.  People tell me things. 

Yes, this tall beautiful woman calls me over to have sex and then tells me about her kid.  I am a rat bastard, but an empathetic one.

If this was how social work really operated, I never would have left. LOL.

Actually, this is exactly how these things work in real life. Back then I had no idea…..

I sent her some money from Australia last month (PayPal).  Now I’m in town for a few weeks. We’ll catch up tomorrow.

If I didn’t travel so much, I’d set up a regular arrangement with her. Maybe in the future…

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  1. Interesting to hear one of your regulars is brunette as your posts are generally about blondes. Have you been with any redheads while pursuing the hobby?

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    1. uehobbyist says:

      Actually redheads are my favorite above all. I’ve been looking for one since the beginning, but no luck so far. Before I married, I had a few girlfriends who were reds. I think if I find one as an escort with a little chemistry, I will be in serious trouble. LOL.

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  2. So where can I find a guy like you to make an arrangement with? Would make my life so much easier and from the looks of it much more enjoyable.

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