Please Can it be the Weekend Already?

…just a quick update.  Victoria and I were not able to connect yesterday. Our schedules were both too busy.  I’ll catch her another time.  Summer is all set for tomorrow.  Very much looking forward to seeing her.  I’ve had her on my mind all morning.

As an aside, I feel the need to update the hair color statistics of my regulars from an earlier post this week.  Several of these ladies are natural brunettes with their hair colored.  This makes the count an even 4-4.  I won’t say which.  LOL.

Things in the house are awkward with T.  I think I need to get out of here for the weekend.  Possibly I’ll go out to the beach. That would be a nice break.  I love the water.

I broke the news to my best friend on the phone yesterday.  Like Henry, he is supportive, and had picked up on things.

He lives in Seattle.  Invited me to come stay with him for a bit. I might do that.

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