No Ultimatum, Just Leaving

T and I attempted to go out to dinner and a movie.  Too much to drink at dinner. Didn’t make the movie. Debated her desire to work it out vs my desire to move on.  She feels it is unfair for me to not give a chance to work this out. I feel I’ve been trying to work this out with her for years.

I’ve been supportive of all she has wanted to do.  Stood by her and solved every problem together.  Hoping each time, we would get back to normal.  Normal has never returned.

She feels it is unfair to leave like this without giving warning.

I feel it would have been unfair to issue ultimatums:  “We need to fix things and get back to a real relationship, or I am leaving.”

A year ago, I could not have imagined leaving.  I was invested in the role of ‘supportive husband’ getting through the next issue.

The past few months have been leading me to the epiphany that normal is never coming back.

Painful cab ride home.

Crying in the living room.

Now it is 3 am.  I am awake and at a loss for words.

No point in debating. She is not going to see my PoV.  I don’t want to be the bad guy.  Unrealistically, I want her to come around to: “Yeah your right, let’s call it quits.”

Never going to happen.

Sack up.

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