Treat it Like Any Other Date

I find that I prefer the longer experiences with these ladies.  Dates, overnights and weekends.  There are key parts to each which are enjoyable to me.  The common thread is those moments when we can each let down our guard a bit. I know this is a professional service, and the woman is working to be charming and attractive 100% of the allotted time.  However, if you treat it like any other date: groom, dress, be attentive, respectful, and have a plan.  You will find that she will relax a bit and also enjoy herself.  Especially if it is someone you have seen a number of times, and come to know.

My first planned overnight with an escort was with Summer.  This happened shortly before I left for Australia. We planned it weeks in advance.  I was thinking about it for days ahead of time.  Couldn’t concentrate.  It was not exactly a date, but I prepared for it. I went grocery shopping beforehand.  Planned food and drinks.  Made sure the house was spotless. Clean sheets, etc.  Finally the evening arrived.  I loved every minute of it.

I picked her up at a coffee shop. We stopped in a WalMart on the way to my house to pick something up for her. It was the first time I was openly in public with a professional provider. Here I was standing in the checkout with her on my arm.

Not nervous or out of place at all.  Like a thousand other dates I had been on before I got married.

Pick up the girl. One of us forgot something.  We stop at a store and are standing in the checkout line all dressed up on a weekend night.  This was when it dawned on me that I was actually treating this like any other sleepover date.

After that moment in the store, I started to seriously consider extended dinner dates instead of just booking private sessions behind closed doors.

This approach has paid off in spades ever since.  You have to pick the right provider to start with, but treating her to an actual date will be well received.


My first dinner experience was with Charlotte in Australia (see these posts below)

The Second Girl in Australia

Free 🙂 but not Free $


Summer and I had a very nice evening.  Tried a little more role play. I work out of the house and have a full office at home.  Sexy secretary. Classic and should be simple. I was still nervous and clumsy with it.  However, she is a trooper and brought me round when she revealed the corset under her dress.  Very nice.

Sexy Secretary

I still often picture her laid back naked on my desk. There are little chips in the paint on the wall behind it now.  A nice memento that often catches my eye when I am on a conference call.

We had quite the night. Great sex. Pasta at midnight half naked in the kitchen.

The best memory was waking up early to her sleeping naked beside me.

What I’d like to do next is a go on a trip with someone. I have a few plans in mind. I need to get through the divorce first. Then some very nice travelling will be in order.

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