Moving Forward and Cutting Back

T and I have moved onto logistics now.  She is finally serious about getting a job. We’ll sell the house.  I’m thinking about where to live.  We both have regrets, but are moving forward with the divorce.

From another blog today “…I do wonder why people continue living a life they are unhappy in, when they have the choice to leave.”

Drinking from the unholy grail via @SydSugarBabe

Good Fucking Point.

 In the interim, I am curtailing my activity a little.

I cancelled a June trip to Japan I was planning with Summer.  I was really looking forward to that, but should save vacationing with escorts in foreign countries until after the divorce.  It would be bad form.

Yes, even I have limits. Just not very strict ones.

I was booked Thursday (a new woman) and Friday (Summer).  I cancelled them both on Monday night.

The new person is the duo partner of one of my regulars. Could be ideal if this new woman fits for me.  I’d like to get in a double later this year. I’ll catch up with her in a few weeks. Hopefully she’s not offended by the cancel. I try to give plenty of notice.

Summer was cool about the cancellation. I think she was just trying to accommodate me anyhow. The session was set for Friday a.m. and she is checking out at 1.  She’s had the room all week.

She has diamond status with that chain. I’m only gold.  LOL.

However, I am not stopping completely.  I fly up to see Charlotte on Saturday.

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