Dark hair, blue eyes. Beautiful. I’ve had her over to my place a few times. Good kisser.  Gets into the session. A little chemistry.

Last visit, the weather was perfect.  We had the whole house open.  Naked on the bed all afternoon.

I was surprised to find out she was newer to the hobby than I was…only three months experience when we first met.  Here I was thinking I’m the noob.  Masseuse turned escort.

I thought at first “yeah right”. But she got up on my back and demonstrated.  Best massage in a long time. That is a good memory. Her sitting on my butt, crushing the knots in my shoulders.  Her landing strip lightly brushing the small of my back when she leaned forward. Very nice.  It is the little things in life.  🙂

Every session with her has been fantastic.  Fucks me silly.  Over and over again. Chit chat between rounds. She has some hilarious stories about figuring out escorting on her own.

Like the others, she has a beautiful business mind. She explained her billable model to me. I make my living on billable hours too, so it’s always interesting how other people handle billing vs bookings. Especially when we can talk about it naked over drinks on a breezy spring day.

I haven’t seen her recently. It was her duo partner that I cancelled on this week.   Hopefully I can hook up the two of them in the next month or two.  That would be awesome.

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  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    Okay for sure now, these pictures (Charlotte, your regular Kacey) these are all pics from their ads?
    If so – wow the talent pool in your city seems to be a lot better than in mine. Or perhaps, I’m just used to seeing whats on offer here in my city? Either way. Good on you!


    1. uehobbyist says:

      yes, if they are ok with it, I post a pic from their ad. Otherwise I grab a pic of simeone similar from MetArt. Charlotte is actually in Chicago. i fly over there to visit her.


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