How I Choose an Escort

I’ve been in the hobby for a little under a year now as a client. I started from scratch, knowing nothing other than what I had seen on T.V.   I’ve spent the past year figuring out how to find the type of women I like.

There are two categories of choice for me:  New and Regular

  1. When it comes to meeting new women, I have a few checkboxes:
  • Physical looks – I like thin/slender women with small to medium natural breasts. Height does not matter. I see merits in both tall and short. The same goes for hair color and length, each can be attractive in their own right. I really prefer some photos. However, if there are good reviews or and the description fits my type, I’ll meet for the first time on faith.

pearls and lace

  • Described Personality – GND or GFE with a sense of humor and can carry on a conversation. I will always click on “GND with a naughty side”, and usually avoid “PSE freaky chick”.
  • Services Offered – FS is a requirement(I am not a massage guy).   DFK, DATY, BBBJ are all things I strongly prefer. I’ll take two out of three, but if more than two are missing on the menu in the ad, I will probably pass.
  • Reviews or References – She has to have either a few legitimate reviews, or have been referred to me by another provider I know. I’ve also seen some women based on descriptions from other guys on the forums.
  • Rates – The rate range I work in is broad. There is a line I won’t go below, and a gray area at the top. I am willing to save up to meet certain providers that I think will be 10/10 for me. I’ve never contacted a provider for whom I did not know at least the range of her rate card in advance.

2.    Choosing an escort to become a regular is more about how the first few sessions , progress in addition to the original checkboxes.

  • Physical Looks – she has to be attractive to me in person. Sometimes the pictures can be great, but then something in real life just doesn’t click visually. She doesn’t have to be perfect. There is an intangible physical attraction that can only be experienced face to face.
  • Actual Personality – This gets back to GFE/GND. We need some chemistry and to be able to talk. The more I get to know someone, the more time I will want to spend. Dinner dates, overnights, weekend, trips, etc… This is really what I am looking for anyway.
  • Sexual Chemistry – Women I continually go back to, get into the sessions. We enjoy ourselves. I’ll return to women over and over again for extended sessions if we can both have a little fun with it.
  • Reliability – She has to be able to be booked reliably. I don’t expect same day service or super-fast replies. However, a good rule of thumb with me is to respond within 24 hours. I am not offended by cancellations, just give me some notice. Treat me the way you would like to be treated with these. If you are worn out, not feeling well, or rushing to make an apt with me, I would rather reschedule than have a mediocre or rushed session.



I’ve found most of them on either TER (, NR (, or P411 ( I found a few women on BP in the beginning, but have moved away from that source completely now.


All in all, I have logged a lot of time and effort to get to this point. It has been worth the investment. Now I just need to figure out how to keep making more money. This hobby can get a little expensive.  LOL.

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  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    Agreed on what makes a regular. I’ve had great experiences with girls who have not been amazing drop dead models, but have been STELLAR in the performance department. Also helps that we click personality wise.

    Side track, reading your posts is really jogging my own fond memories, I should get back to posting. Probably in a week’s time.
    Love the stories! Keep ’em coming.


    1. uehobbyist says:

      thanks for the encouragement. I look forward to hearing some of your stories. You must have had some classic moments….


  2. Curious if you have some advice for someone interested in getting into the business as an escort… Would love to hear your thoughts


    1. uehobbyist says:

      being a client, I really don’t feel qualified to give advice on that. If you get into my twitter feed, there are a bunch of professional sexworkers I follow who would be helpful. There is also a good blog called the honest courtesan. She is a retired sex worker who is pretty well known and could be helpful. Mistress Matisse is also an interesting and educated woman on the subject.

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