Family Interrupts

My mother ended up in the emergency room overnight this past Saturday. Yes, while I was camped out in an escort’s apartment a thousand miles away, my poor mother was carted off in an ambulance at 3am.  Of course she didn’t call me.  I didn’t find out about it until Monday morning, after she had returned home.  It turned out to be somewhat of a false alarm.  She got her medications out of order, and things cascaded from there until a concerned neighbor called the emergency line (for which I am glad).  There is nothing I could have done, had she called. Nevertheless…

I have been back and forth to her house several time this week getting things sorted.  Now, Thursday night I am home, and things seem back to normal. Well, at least the normal mess T and I are living right now.

Mom was quite pleased to find out about the divorce. Which only made me feel closer to T.  Gotta love family.

T’s family has not been supportive of her at all. In fact, her mother was quite the bitch about it, making her feel guilty and blaming her. Her brother (whom she idolizes) had a similar reaction.  Totally uncalled for.  What a jackass.  Stick up for your little sister idiot!

T and I have equally contributed to the end of our marriage.  I am no prince. That is certain. Talking with Henry over coffee today, I confessed feeling bad for T.  All of my friends and family are very supportive, while her family is on her ass about it.

Finally, when I returned home from coffee this afternoon, T was in an upbeat mood. She finally started telling her friends. They universally support her.  Reassuring her that I am a royal asshole deserving of being left on the curb.  That is what friends are for!  We actually had a good laugh about it.

T arranged for our realtor to come by next week and give us an idea what the house is worth, plus some advice on what work needs to be done to sell it. Once we have that input, we can make some financial decisions.

Another week coming to a close.  I have a session scheduled with Melissa at her apartment tomorrow morning at 9. Really looking forward to it.

Can’t believe it is almost June already.  It is our 18th wedding anniversary this Sunday.  Not sure what to do about that one.  Probably go to the beach and drink myself to sleep while getting sunburned.

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