Someone Else Knows about the Pass

After my session with Melissa, I had an appointment to get my haircut by a friend.  Siobahn is a mutual friend of T’s and mine.  She has been cutting hair for both of us since we were dating…like 20 years.  She also roomed with us for over a year about a decade ago.  Who will get Siobahn in the divorce is the question on my mind.

Right off, she can tell something is on my mind, so I spill it.  She is supportive.  Like Henry, she thought something was up with us. Then she says:  “I was skeptical that free pass was going to smooth everything over.”

WHAT? Wait a minute, YOU know about the Pass?

She proceeds to tell me that she and T have discussed it more than once.

All men are fools. I am no exception.

Granted, this woman is our oldest friend, and is closer to us as a couple than anyone else.

She asks: “so did you ever act on it?”

I spill everything, but the blog.  Siobahn is an independent hair dresser. She rents a chair in an upscale salon.  It is mid-day on a Friday. Every chair around us is packed with women. I can feel them all straining to hear our conversation over the blow dryers and clippers. LOL.

She has a million questions and has been considering hiring a male escort, with no idea how to go about it.  We have a good laugh over that one.  Exactly where I started a year ago.

I invite her to dinner in the coming weeks to share stories.

T is having dinner with her on Monday. Siobahn says, she’ll keep our conversation private.  We’ll see.  At this point, it does not matter much anymore.

Hair cut over. I’ve had a full morning: blow job, then blow dry. Now back to work.

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  1. Even though T told you no one can ever know I am surprised you thought that meant she wouldn’t indulge in a friend or two. I wouldn’t be surprised if more than one of her close friends know about the discussion .


    1. uehobbyist says:

      Yeah, I get that feeling. However, no one else has ever said anything. Like you said in one of your earlier posts, it is god to have friends and I am glad she has hers.

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