Picnics are Nice, Understanding is Better

Later in the day, T and I decide to go for a picnic. We grab a couple of sandwiches, some potato salad and go lay on a blanket in a park by a lake. We lay there very close together, legs touching, and reading. We don’t talk very much. It is very relaxing. We fall asleep for about an hour. A big white egret wakes us up walking by. We lay there in that moment very content. These are our moments of intimacy. This is what I crave,

A Very New Woman

She is beautiful, intelligent and charming. Something is still a little off. She seems slightly unsure about how the session should progress. She just moved in from out of town, and mentions she has only been posting for a couple of days. She makes the comment “you are my 7th date since I started.”

I misunderstand at first, thinking this meant ‘since she got to town’.

The Tornado is Tough

I requested. When she removes the dress, her ribs are wrapped with an ace bandage and she has a pain patch. “Holy crap.”
“it’s fine. Doesn’t hurt at all.” Tough girl.

On The Road Again

I am torn. I love T. We are close and we get each other on many levels. However, the intimacy is just not there like I want it to be. We are trying, and some of it has come back. However, when I am interacting with the other women I know, it does not compare. This is a tough point.

Father’s Day

My old man is easy going and just happy to see me. He picked a new BBQ place in town that has outside only seating. Since it is really fucking hot outside (almost 95F) yesterday, nobody will go with him to those kinds of places but me.


Everything starts out good, but can’t get the manatees out of my head

The Relationship Meter

Imagine you have a meter to measure how you feel about your current relationship.

-5 = Into the mud scum queen!

+5 = Marital Bliss

Plan B

After Friday’s NCNS, I approached yesterday’s 10 a.m. appointment with a plan B in mind.

Dinner Date

“Out of the box” is the theme for the night. We eat at a place we like, but rarely go to, and order food we would never order.

Bag of Hammers

Rock bottom has one big advantage in relationship talks: No fear. Nothing to lose. Definite advantage. We have been working through tough discussions one at a time over the past weeks

The Counterfeiter

Hotel maids watch Victoria chasing a guy through the parking lot yelling about how she is going to kick his ass.