Sex Tornado

Shortly before she arrives, I get an email:  “Got bottles of water?  We are going to need it ;-)”

I go downstairs to the front desk and get a few bottles.

Within 5 minutes of entering my hotel room, Scarlett says to me:

”I’ve been stressed out this week and seriously need come. A LOT. I’ve been looking forward to this morning for a few days. I brought my favorite lube, and the lingerie you asked for.  I’m gonna be a little bossy… that ok?”

The tone for our morning has now been set. LOL.

Everyone has shit going on in their lives. All legitimate. All needing empathy and release.

I haven’t had sex in a week. It has been at least a couple of days for her, plus the ‘shit happens’ factor that she is dealing with lately.

So YES, I am definitely UP.

I have been the boss all week. Glad to hand over control.

She is giving firm direction, and we each score some all-time high stats. Multiple positions and several pieces of furniture utilized to the fullest.  We are not quiet at all.  The maids in the hall are surely disturbed.











After each round:  “You up for another?”



We take a few breaks, but short.

Her lube is Vanilla Cupcake.

She is going to her niece’s 3rd birthday straight from the hotel, so it fits.

Almost at the end of our time, she decides “One More”.  We run a little over on the clock, but both come hard, so it is totally worth it.

Afterwards the room is trashed.  Clothes in a pile. My shirt is somehow thrown up in the lamp wires under the desk. A bottle of water spilled out on the floor, furniture out of place. Condom wrappers everywhere. Plus, the room smells like a cupcake shop with subtle notes of sex.

We both feel much better.

I give her a new nickname as we are getting dressed:  Sex Tornado

I would’ve gone with Sexnado, but the ‘Nado jokes are all so 2014.

Wrap up, kiss good byes and head our separate ways.

When I pull out my ID at the airline counter an hour later, my hand smells like cupcakes. Big smile.  The Airline counter attendant smiles back. Slightly confused.

Time to go home.

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  1. Angel says:

    Reading this makes me want to call one of my regulars, LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      yes, sometimes you just need a good release. Even escorts. Which I didn’t expect a year ago. it is good to be a regular. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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