The Frustration Zone

I had a frustrating cancellation earlier today and ended up backfilling at a salon, which is something I have never done.

I am sure escorts get last minute cancellations and no-shows all the time, so I am not going to whine about it. It sounds like she is under some pressure outside of work, so I am going to leave her alone on the subject.

Cancels like this have happened to me before and I am never thinking straight once it happens.

Sitting in a hotel room at 11 a.m.  Summer and I had scheduled 2 hours to start at 10 a.m. No Show. Not like her at all. I booked this hotel last night specifically for this session.  I didn’t even sleep here last night. Drove over from my house at 7 this morning and have been working here in the room.

My first thought = worry something happened.  The hotel is close to her apartment, and it is a Friday morning in a good part of town, so probably not the case.  2nd thought = overslept. Much more likely. She overslept an appointment once before.

 I really like these mid-morning appointments, but it is tough to find providers that are consistently available at this time.

I started calling and texting her at about 10 minutes after 10.  Left 1 VM, sent 4 texts and called 3 or 4 more times without leaving another message (over a span of 45 minutes).   Probably way too many calls and texts.

Finally at 10:55 I get a polite excuse in email.   I stupidly respond “I’m still available for the next few hours can I call?”  As soon as I hit send, I regretted it.

Lame. It could have been a verse from an Offspring track. I should have left it alone. She did not respond.

This is what I think of as the ‘frustration zone’.  Bad decisions get made here.

Muy, muy malo. Fortunately I was lucky at the end of this one.

I’ve now got a pocket full of cash and 4 hours to kill.

Bad decision number one:   hit BackPage

Bad Decision Number Two : “hey Ashley you available?” to a BP girl I have never met, but has a few good reviews on TER (okay more than 50 reviews).

Bad Decision Number three – discover the address is a lingerie modeling studio, but decide to go anyway.

Bad Decision Number four – even though this place is in a questionable neighborhood, park my car out back and go inside.

I walk in and the front door looks like a prohibition speakeasy.  I knock. Expecting a dude to pull open the peek panel.

But it is Ashley who answers.   She says “one minute” and lets me in.  The place is a little dark, but not so bad on the inside.

I now get two lucky breaks…

Lucky Break number one: Ashley is exactly as pictured and just my type.  25yo blonde spinner with B cups.

Lucky Break number two: Ashley and I have a great session. We’re there quite a while.


I am on my back, looking up at Ashley, who is mounted cowgirl. She has one hand in the air, tits bouncing, yelling “Bounce it Daddy!” Taylor swift is playing too loudly in the background.

I hear Charlotte’s voice in the back of my brain:   “Upgrade your life”.  Advice She gave me on the last trip to Chicago

Okay C. Point Taken.


Afterwards, Ashley says she can tell I am a good guy and am welcome back any time. She introduces me to a couple other girls hanging out.  All look good.

While I lucked out, and this salon is now tempting. This is not where I want to be hobbying going forward.

Great sex though.  My knees are week as I drive away.

I need to revisit my ground rules for this hobby.  My tastes and expectations are evolving as I gain more experience.

Change number one:  Longer Sessions with more established women.

Change number two: if a regular is out of her zone, and you know it, do not ask for exceptions

Change number three: no more frustrated decision making (you got lucky on this one)


Added footnote, I got a longer explanation from Summer later in the evening.  Family stuff. I understand that well from my own family issues.  We are on for Wednesday.  Looking forward to that.

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  1. Angel says:

    I have also done the same mistake, it can be a complete miss or hit, you defenitely lucked out!


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