The Counterfeiter

I managed to work in a short visit with Victoria at 7:30 last night on my way home from happy hour. The nooner with Ashley was great sex, but somehow I still needed more. I had some time banked with V and hit her up. Yes, that is two separate sessions in one day. Sometimes I am just a horny fucker.

“Sure hun. Come on over, we’re just hanging out.”

She has a roommate now that is also a provider. They rent a house together and also share a two bedroom at a residence style hotel during the week. The two of them are smoking on the front deck of the hotel room when I arrive. It is Friday night, the sun is getting ready to set, and there is a thunder storm brewing in the distance. Their hotel is near the water, I can smell the salt air. The evening is perfect. We hang outside a bit and they tell me about a guy trying to pass counterfeit bills on them this week.

He started out by texting them both for an hour date with one of them. He settles on the roommate. V skedaddles from the suite before he gets there to give them some privacy. Doesn’t see the guy. When she gets back, the roomie is crying. And shows her the fake hundreds he passed off. They were in an envelope and she didn’t check the money until after he left.

While her mate is a crier, V is more of a girl of action. She starts texting the guy. “fucker” “asshole” “we’re gonna find a way to get you back”. On and on. Telling the guy what a pussy he is. The guy replies with “don’t mess with me. I know who you are”, and mentions V’s real name and her son. Then goes on to say “you’ll see.  I’ll get you too.”

She freaks a little at first. Later she finds that her Facebook page is not set to private. You can google her number and it comes up. The rest of her profile is private, but her front page shows her with the boy and her real name. Once she has it fixed, she goes back to feeling bold about counterfeit dude


At this point, I’m thinking she is taking this too far.  No telling how this idiot is going to react.  However, V has her reasons and a little history with dumb ass guys.  Her point of view is “Stand up and fight.”  Brave.


A few days go by and she gets an odd request. A guy says his fantasy is to walk into a hotel and have a girl naked on her knees at the door ready for him. It is strange. She tells him to come over and meet, but she can’t do the door thing. Maybe they’ll figure out something close though. The front door to this suite is outside on the second floor. It is kind of secluded, but not enough that you want to be giving a blowjob out there in broad daylight.

The guy shows up, and whips his dick out standing in the door way. V says no, and tells him to come inside and stand in the bedroom door instead, plus the donation needs to come out first. He puts the donation on the dresser by the door in an envelope, then stands in front of it with his dick out again. She’s now pretty certain this is the counterfeiter at this point. Same envelope. She moves like she is going to go down on him and then reaches around for the envelope. He freaks out and grabs her arm. V is taller than he is, and holds up the envelope out of his reach. He pulls her arm, trying to grab the envelope back. She notices it is sealed and also taped shut.

“Motherfucker! I knew it was you! Now I’ve got you!  There are fake bills in here aren’t there!”

He panics, let’s go, and runs out of the room. Dick still hanging out. He vaults down the stairs and turns to shout back a lame “you’ll never catch me” retort, only to find that V is chasing after him.  She is screaming “I’m gonna get you motherfucker!”  The maids outside all stop to watch this scene.

V chasing this guy through the parking lot in a bra and yoga pants. Yelling at the top of her lungs how she is going to beat his ass.  He continues running away, jumps in his car (which was backed into the parking space), and squeals the tires to make his getaway.

She takes pictures of the car with her phone and gets a few nice clear shots of him, the car and his license tag. She texts him his photo and says “these are going to the cops”.

She tells this story much better than I do.  Regardless of my retelling, this counterfeiter is definitely in trouble.

Once the story is over she says with a sly grin:  “let’s get you taken care of.”  I am led  by the hand back to the bedroom.  She has a new position to teach me.  Awesome.

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  1. The Virgin Rambles says:

    Sounds like a very strong woman


    1. uehobbyist says:

      yes, she is brave. She said that you can’t let that stuff tear you down. Gotta fight back instead of being afraid. It was much funnier when she told the story. LOL

      Liked by 1 person

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