Dinner Date

Monday night dinner date with my wife. “Out of the box” is the theme for the night.  We eat at a place we like, but rarely patronize, and enjoy food we would never normally order.  We try to stay away from our normal dinner conversation (work, family, the house, the sanctuary, etc.). Tough to find other things to talk about, but we make it work.  We also make a point to take our time. Sometimes we are so efficient making the reservation on time, eating the right things, and getting a good table, we forget to actually enjoy ourselves.

There are many moments we are just quiet.  She catches me watching her several times. “What are you thinking?” she asks.  “Nothing much, just watching you.” Smile.


Running through my head are all the dates I have had with escorts in the past year. I have learned a lot. The first lesson that comes to mind, is that when you take a woman out on a date, treat her as if you are paying for the privilege of her time.

Another is to enjoy the evening. Try to be charming. Smile. Laugh. Have a good time.


There is a good thunderstorm outside while we are in the restaurant.  The fire alarm goes off, there is an automated message over a loudspeaker telling us all to leave the building because there is a fire. Everyone in the restaurant laughs.  Thunderstorms happen every afternoon in our home town. There is no fire. The wait staff tells us it is a false alarm.

Dinner ends nicely. We enjoy ourselves.  Laughing. Walking arm in arm.   We are out past 7:30 on a weeknight. She has had one too many drinks, while I switched to coffee at dessert.

Once home, we start with snuggling on the couch.  Some kissing.  Later, we end up in the bedroom, stripped to the waist making out.  I am very aroused, but it makes her nervous, so I back off. No pressure. Sex is not on the menu. We end up lying in each other’s arms for a bit.  Enjoy the moment. It is a nice evening.

Afterwards we watch a little TV.  As we drift off to sleep. Escorts are running through my mind. Not thinking about sex, but instead about the intimacy with them.  Each brings something a little different from the others.  T as well now. Intimacy in a different way.

Not sure where I am going to end up. I need parts of this relationship, but I also need more.

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