What is the line between good communication and over-communicating?

I had a no show today from an escort I know well. What is the boundary between good communication and over communication?

This is someone I have been seeing regularly for almost 9 months. She has been very reliable up until about a month ago. Now this is the 3rd no show from her. My first thought was that she is trying to give me a hint, but each time she has emailed me an apology, then rescheduled with me at a later date. She has mentioned more than once that she is having issues helping out her family, and it is impacting her schedule heavily.

In daily life, I am a business guy, and follow up is key. However, in this hobby I know there is a line of over communicating with a provider. Obviously she has stuff going on in her life that has nothing to do with me. She is probably just trying to accommodate to my requests because we know each other, but having a hard time keeping the appointments because she has other shit happening.

If you are reading this and are an escort, please give me some feedback on when you think it is appropriate to conclude someone has no-showed, and what kind of communication, or ‘space’ you’d like from a client in this situation.

I texted her to confirm beforehand, and received no reply.  I should have bailed at that point.

All I want in a cancellation situation is an email saying “Sorry, I have to cancel”.  Even if it is 5 minutes notice. She doesn’t owe me an explanation. We have a business relationship. I’ll understand. No apology necessary.

It is the absence of communication about it that bugs me.

I think I just need to leave it alone.

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