Plan B

After Friday’s NCNS, I approached yesterday’s 10 a.m. appointment with a plan B in mind.

Hello Plan B
Hello Plan B

A few local providers have mentioned that business has slowed down for the summer. I’ve been told “hit me up if you are looking for same-day, I might be available.”  Usually I book a few days ahead.

5 minutes after 10, I decided this was another NCNS, and reached out to three of them on text.  Within half an hour I had another appointment for 1 o’clock with Layla.  By the end of the day, the other two had also responded that they were available. Market supply economics are suddenly working in my favor.  Three separate sessions would have been a fun day. Alas, it was not financially in the cards this month.


I took a break in the middle of this post for a run and to have a one-on-one with one of the mangers on my team.  Coincidentally, he has a NCNS problem with one of his direct reports.  The guy has been MIA at work for 4 days.  LOL.  Clear as day what to do there.  “Fire that guy.”

I should start drinking my own fucking kool aid.


My afternoon appointment with Layla turned out great.  She was happy to see me.  When I got there, she was stuck with maids in the room and a maintenance guy painting and re-painting her room door. She was in a t shirt and a pair of daisy duke cut-offs.  The way she looked, he was going to be painting that door all fucking day.  She introduced me to them as her brother, which is our usual story when she has to explain who I am to random people.  We have the same hair, eyes and complexion.  It fits. Once I sat down and started to watch him paint, he finished up pretty quickly.

After our first round (which was stellar for both of us btw), we’re lying there with her head on my shoulder.  She says “my weed guy is coming by, don’t let me fall asleep.”  I’m like, “sure thing.”  then 5 seconds later zzzz…

20 minutes… weed guy wakes us both up, knocking on the door. Oops. Dozed off. I hadn’t really relaxed in a few days.

I have to get back to work soon, and can’t smoke today.  She puts the stuff away for later, and we get on with another round.  Also very nice.  Refreshed and recharged, we wrap up and I get back to my day.

I didn’t get a chance to run last night because it was just too fucking hot.  She inspired me this morning though. Record time for me on a 4 miler. 8 minute/mile pace.  That is a record for me.

While I am running, I decide I need to refresh the escort lineup. Obviously, I need to let Summer sort some stuff out. Melissa is also taking a break. Her Yoga studio is finally off the ground and booming, which is awesome for her.  I’ll take a fresh look over the coming weeks and see what I can work out.  …now back to work.

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