On The Road Again

Arranged to see Scarlett tomorrow evening. We’ve been texting back and forth for a day or two. I’m in Detroit and eager to see her. Not in my normal hotel, and the room has an adjoining door which is thin. There are a lot of people from my company staying here, and I do not know who is next door. LOL.

I see a Bluetooth connection for a device within range of my phone with the name of someone I recognize. That would be awkward.

NOTE: remember to use secure names for my fucking devices!

Even if somebody from work heard us and recognized me, what are they going to be able to do about it anyhow? Deny, deny deny!

Definitely overthinking.

Regardless, We’ll have a good session and also I want to talk to her about travelling.  I have a few trips planned. She is interested in travelling with me, and I think she’ll be a fun companion. She is a pretty relaxed person. I’m headed to Asia later this summer and Europe closer to the fall. Ready to get back on the road, and a companion would definitely make it interesting.

The trip to Napa with Charlotte has been pushed back from July to August or September. I still want to see her, but know she has been super busy.

On the home front, T and I have made some progress. However, I’m still on the fence. It feels selfish, but I am looking forward to being single. I feel like an ass leaving her. We are not fighting, but the gains are small, and I am not convinced they will last.

Torn. I love T. We are close, and get each other on many levels. However, the intimacy is just not there like I want it to be. We are trying, and some of it has come back. However, when I am interacting with the other women I know, it does not compare. This is a tough point.

I can pay someone for intimacy that seems more real than the intimacy I receive in my marriage.

Melissa texted me out of the blue on Monday, when I was starting to think she had retired. She is still working and wants to hook up. Business is slow for everyone right now.  I’ll probably go see her on Saturday. T is headed out of town for the day, so I will have plenty of time.

Getting late and I have early calls tomorrow. Time to crash..

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  1. R. Patience says:

    Paid for intimacy is better than with your spouse. That’s a good indicator.


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