The Tornado is Tough

I ended up changing hotels this morning because of that thin adjoining door. It turned out the guy in the other room was a senior executive from my company .  I couldn’t risk it.

I know, backward logic. I could have just cancelled, but instead arranged a whole new hotel for myself so I could keep the appointment with the Tornado.  🙂

There is a big church group staying at the new hotel.  Lots of older church ladies. A few of them stop Scarlet in the hall to compliment her dress before she gets to my room.  She looks beautiful. They have no idea.

We have been texting back and forth all week.  On Tuesday, she texted that she has a hairline fracture in two of her ribs.  Nothing critical but painful.  Yesterday, she says that the pain medication is effective and she is available to hook up with me this week if I’m game.

Yes, I am a rat bastard.  I accept.

When she arrives, we spend time catching up on the couch.  I don’t know what it is, but both talk a mile a minute when we get together.  We are still talking while she changes into the lingerie I requested.  When she removes the dress, her ribs are wrapped with an ace bandage and she has a pain patch.  “Holy crap.”

“it’s fine.  Doesn’t hurt at all.” Tough girl.

She removes the patch and bandage,  then puts on her outfit. The story of the injury is pretty mundane, there is no bruising, and she seems fine.

Rationalize much?

Plus I have to admit she looks fantastic. I start teasing her about showing up to fuck with broken ribs.


She bends over the bed, hikes up the nighty to demonstrate the full effect of her outfit. Gives me her best over the shoulder come hither look.

“It’s just a hairline fracture, they aren’t broken.”

We both bust out laughing.


That nightie is hot.  We are soon off to the races. Forget to turn on any music and we get loud. The church ladies in the next room are getting a show.  In hindsight, we should have thrown in a few exclamations:  “OH GOD!” , “JESUS!”, but were very focused on our efforts.

Each session seems to be slightly different for us.  This time we are slower, softer.  We both enjoy ourselves thoroughly.

Afterwards, she stays a little late because we are still talking. Swapping hobby stories.  She has some funny material. She could write a book.

Very nice evening.  Great sex, intimacy, companionship. The works.  I am going to sleep well tonight.

Homeward bound tomorrow afternoon.

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