A Very New Woman

Back on the patio in the early morning with the blog.  This is turning into a good ritual for me.  Nice run this morning. It is hot as fuck here now, but still feels good.  The air is thick and soft which I like. I am going to be running a lot this week. There is lot to work through in my head.

I had an appointment to get my haircut with C yesterday at 1.  Melissa’s apartment is right down the street from Siobahn’s shop, so I thought we would hook up before getting my cut. There is an obvious pun there, but I’m going to leave it.

Melissa texted me in the morning that she couldn’t make it.  No worries.  That session with Scarlett from Thursday is still carrying me, plus we had only loosely planned to try and meet up.

T is spending the day at the monkey sanctuary to help plan a fund raiser, so I have time to kill.

I am still in the mood.  Sit down at a Starbucks to see what I can arrange for the day.  Hit up some of the regulars, but no one is around.

Cruise some sites: Eros, GLS, TER, P411, NR and BP.







Is anyone cool actively looking for clients this weekend?

Everything is pretty dead.  There is a big Pride event in town Saturday and Sunday. Predictably slow for the ladies. Everyone is probably taking off or out of town.

I find a woman on BP that is my type.  Running a special, which is usually bad sign, but the rest of the ad is promising. The ad says “call don’t text.”  We chat on the phone a bit. Seems reasonable. Agree to meet at her hotel. The place is a cheap tourist hotel, but clean and in a good area. When I arrive, there are several police cars in the parking lot and officers standing around.  I call the woman back, describe what I see and cancel. “I know this probably has nothing to do with you, but we don’t know each other, and this seems off.  I’ll catch you another time. Best of luck. Stay careful.”

She is nice about it.  No drama. I like that.

Pull into a gas station nearby. Check BP one more time. I really should be home helping myself to good memories of Scarlet. Not sitting in my car across town cruising BP ads.  Recipe for trouble.

But wait: A new ad.  Cohesively written and discrete.  Nice, clear photos. “call don’t text.” Her name is Karmen

Ok, what the hell. Go for it.

I am surely pressing my luck with this fishing trip, but call her up anyway.  Talk for a minute. Sounds normal, available, and is staying in a nice hotel 10 minutes up the road.


I get there and she is beautiful, intelligent and charming.  Something is still a little off. She seems slightly unsure about how the session should progress.  She just moved in from out of town, and has only been posting for a couple of days.  She makes the comment “you are my 7th date since I started posting.”

I misunderstand at first. Thinking this meant ‘since she got to town’.

We start slowly.  Naked, making out on the bed.  She warms up quickly and seems to be getting into it.

The session goes very well from my PoV.  She enjoys it too, and seems oddly surprised.  She keeps complimenting and thanking me.

I assume she is just flattering me. Always nice.

We keep making out. Hands roaming.  Then later she has an orgasm while I am going down on her.

“I think I am going to come…wow I AM going to come!”

“That felt great!” big smile.

On and on…

We talk a little between rounds.  She clarifies.  I am her 7th date as an escort. EVER.

She literally started out only a few days ago.  She moved here from several states away to do this. She has some friends in town, but no family. No one knows she has started escorting.

“That was my first escort orgasm.  Thanks 🙂 ”

My ego is big in daily life, but is now huge.  If this is a cover story, this girl has me hook, line and sinker.

She does not know about reviews.  Never heard of TER or p411.

I offer her a review, but she is unsure.  So I text her a link to TER and leave it up to her.  “Take a look at the site, and if you want a review, let me know. I’ll write it. But I won’t unless you tell me you want one.”

This will be a very positive review, but if she is not comfortable…

Big smile we go back to just talking about sex.

“I can come again”, she says with a wry grin.  Back to business.

I think I am going to like this woman. I’ll call her “K” for now, since it would be unfair to even hint who she is at this point.  Everyone else in this blog is openly ok with their working names being used.

This post has become way too long.  Let’s leave it here with the notion that this weekend is turning out nicely.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    YOu seem to have the best of luck – or are you just sharing the rosy stories?

    K sounds great – newbies if they deliver are a hidden charm!


    1. uehobbyist says:

      You are correct, I am only posting the good stories. I learned early in the blog that negative writing just didn’t get any traffic. I’ve only had a few poor experiences, and nothing dramatic.


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