Double Take

First, my boss (Anne), shows up dressed to kill. Black power suit with a great skirt. I’ve worked for her a year and never seen this side of her. Nothing between us, and never will be, but worth noting.


My boss and I are meeting in NYC to tag team our largest software supplier. She hired me because she needed a bulldog, and I am experienced in dealing with this particular software company. I have made a career specializing in this software company which is based in NY. The key to dealing with them is ruthlessness. Doing business with lead pipe cruelty is their culture.

Crystal and Her Dog

We have thoroughly negotiated our arrangement via email at this point. We agree everything will be contingent on how things go in our live meet. She seems smart and confident. We have not spoken at all. I don’t even know her name.

Pour Some Sugar on Me

I put up a simple and direct profile. Then, messaged a dozen women and sat back to see what my marketing campaign would yield.

Enter Stacy.

Unexpected Hookup

I was eating dinner at the bar when she sat next to me. After about 5 minutes, of glances and smiles. She comments: “That looks tasty, what are you eating?” Sometimes you just click with somebody out of the blue. The conversation caught on pretty quickly from there.

The Sexy Section of the Friend Zone

That woman is as horny as I am. We are starting to become friends. Scarlett visited me in my hotel room last night. We spent as much time catching up on what’s-going-on-in-RL stories as we did working the mattress off of the boxspring.

Leopard Bait

A friend of ours (Bill), texted me out of the blue. He wanted a private tour of the sanctuary from T. We haven’t talked to him in more than two years. It’s always good to catch up with friends, so we figured what the hell.

A Nooner, a Nap, and a Smashed Phone.

After putting up that post this morning about sex and my marriage, I decided to go get seriously laid. Then later in the afternoon I got laid again with someone else. Over the top, but excellent. I have no shame.

Sex and My Marriage

We have talked about sex more than once in the past two months throughout the course of our relationship discussions. We’ve both agreed that we are at rock bottom, with nothing to lose, so started to put the issues on the table.

Opportunity Knocks

T got the call last night for a month long work assignment in another part of the US. She is excited about it, and I am happy for her.

I Want Four out of Four

This is my Nirvana. I have achieved this perfect state many times in my life. Moments at a time. Moments where everything comes together. Sometimes for a few hours. Other times, for several years.