In Love, But Not Lovers

She gives me confidence and strength.  We are great friends, and I love her.  Outside the bedroom. My Wife.

We are in very different places sexually.  Yesterday she booked a 2 hour massage for herself.  She enjoyed that massage as much as I enjoy the non-massage sessions I schedule.    She still thinks about sex.  Fantasizes. She reads erotic fiction constantly.  At least an hour or two a day.  She also told me she still masturbates often. Will we ever get back to a place where we have sex with each other?  Neither of us has been able to answer that one.

We should try another date.  The last one seemed to go well enough. Although she was very uncomfortable with our make-out session in bed with our shirts off.  I am very much physically attracted to her.  She says she feels the same.

It has been like this between us for years.  Up until I started seeing escorts, I was convinced the problem was all about me.  Now I realize that was not true.

It is about US.

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  1. rochellel85 says:

    Is this your first blog? I find you very brave…


    1. uehobbyist says:

      yes it is my first blog. I have always wanted to write, but never found my voice. This blog is a funny thing. The anonymity allows me to write thoughts I would normally never commit to paper. It has been cathartic and allowed me to write honestly, which guess was the key all along. The results have been most unexpected.

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      1. rochellel85 says:

        Very true…especially at our age it is crucial to do whatever it takes to find happiness, without judgement or negativity.


  2. VegasSparkle says:

    I had a comment but the damn app closed out. I agree it’s about “us”. I think every aspect of a relationship is a “two way” street. it’s definitely all about communication on both parts.

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    1. uehobbyist says:

      it has been interesting. We’ve both always felt our communication was good. We share and support each other a lot more than other couples we know. however, this new level of talks the past few months has demonstrated that no matter how close you are, their is always another layer. I believe you can never truly KNOW anyone fully.

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