A Little Duran Duran on a Friday – TGIF

I had tough week at work. Feeling underwater every day. I have this recurring theme in different dreams where I realize I’ve taken my pants off.  The situations are always different. It is never the same dream. The people around me notice and are trying to be polite about it. I’m not panicked. It is more like: “Fuck, I took my pants off again. Sorry everybody.” One of the classic interpretations of this dream is that I am feeling unprepared about something. That hits it on the head for how my work life has been the past few weeks.

I finally made headway late Thursday night with the customer in Sydney.  Then Friday morning, we received a compliment from their CIO which made my week. He is a tough bastard. Nice win. I sent everyone home early. “Let’s quit while we are ahead people, have a nice weekend.”

Karmen and I had made our arrangements earlier in the week to meet after work. She was outside the hotel having a smoke as I walked up. Stunningly beautiful. Bike shorts and a t-shirt. Shoulder length brown hair, golden brown eyes and olive skin. We are easy in each other’s company. Relaxed. She smiles as I walk up. Her eyes are genuine. She touches my arm. We go upstairs.

Our conversation is light. We get undressed matter-of-factly while making small talk.  As she stands there naked in front of me, I am struck again by how beautiful she is.  We kneel on the bed facing each other.  The conversation stops abruptly. We begin.

…Touching. Stroking. Kissing. Licking. Tasting. Embracing. Sliding together. Kissing. Biting. Rhythm. Our climaxes come easily…

We have the same taste in sex, and physically we fit like a glove. We both get a lost in the heat of it.  The release is nice. Our hearts are hammering in a drum chorus as we lay with chests pressed together in the aftermath.

She has a bottle of wine, but no corkscrew. We leave the room to go buy a one down the street.   20 minutes later, we are back in bed. Naked again. We sip the wine in plastic cups. She’s playing Duran Duran on her phone.

Who do you need?

Who do you love?

 When you come undone?

She is stretched out on her back in front of me. I am kneeling between her legs. My hands stroke down the sides of her body in parallel. Beginning beside her breasts, and ending on her hips.  Gently.  Repeatedly. She closes her eyes for a moment.  “That feels nice.”

After a few moments, she opens her eyes. Entwines my forearm with hers. We begin again.

A very nice beginning to the weekend.

I get home around 8pm. T gets in at 8:30.  We watch TV for an hour snuggled up on the couch, then go to bed.  It is nice quiet time together.  Peaceful. She jokes “How was your day? PANTS ON or PANTS OFF?” 

We are in bed dozing off by 10.


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