A Nooner, a Nap, and a Smashed Phone.

After putting up that post this morning about sex and my marriage, I decided to go get seriously laid.  Then later in the afternoon I got laid again with someone else.  Over the top, but excellent.  I have no shame.

I took a long lunch and went to see Karmen.  It was a toss-up between her and Layla.  I flipped a quarter. Twice.  I was secretly hoping for Layla because historically, we have more of an intimate connection.  However, fate chose Karmen. Wisely.  It was a very nice visit.  This is the 5th time I have seen her in two weeks.  Our chemistry is growing. Besides being stunningly beautiful, Karmen is smart and always exactly on time.  Gotta love that in a woman. Especially a professional one.

Fate knew better.  Don’t get me wrong, Layla and I always have a great time together, but it is always a long afternoon. She is never on time, and we always stay late. We smoke a little pot, have sex, munch snacks, watch TV, smoke pot, have sex, etc…  Today was a slow work day, so I was seriously considering a ‘Layla’ afternoon.  Once T is gone for the month, I’ll make time for a good Sunday with her.  Today was not the day for that.

Anyhow, back to Karmen.  One of the advantages of seeing multiple people is having multiple needs met.


I am following another blogger on WP who is setting a good example of this. Ann St. Vincent seems to be having a great time with lots of partners. Go Ann. You are inspiring me. I’m, not ready for the St. Andrew’s cross quite yet though.


I am glad the coin chose Karmen today.  As I was driving up to her hotel, she texted: “I’m hopping in the shower. I’ll leave the door unlocked, just let yourself in, and let me know you are here.”  That is probably not smart on her part. Shows a lot of trust for a guy she has only spent a few naked hours with.  Should I have said something like “You should be more careful?” I feel it isn’t my place to correct or chide her.

I yelled to her in the shower when I got there and laid out on the bed fully dressed. She had the weather channel on TV.  It is raining outside.  A drizzly kind of all day Seattle rain.

No, we are not in the PNW, btw. 

She came out, smiled. “Get naked, I’m horny.  I haven’t had a good orgasm all week. I’m sooo glad you’re here.” Big sexy smile.  I love having sex with this woman.  I am starting to believe the orgasms she has with me are real.


Sex with my first wife was weirdly perfect like that.  We fit together like a lock and key.  We could have sex for hours, orgasming over and over again.  When she left me, I went to a therapist.  He didn’t believe me about her orgasms.  “No woman can come like that just from penetration.  She is performing for you. I was 25.  I told him: “Dude I may be the one getting divorced, but you have never truly fucked the right kind of woman for you.” He scoffed.

That was 1994.  I wonder what his sex life is like today?


Another reason I keep coming back to Karmen.

It is simple sex. Sometimes simple is best. I’ve said before that we fit together well.

We make out.  She is a great kisser.  We are like teenagers in the back of a car for a bit. Once we are both worked up, we take turns with oral, (sometimes a little 69 too). Then there is a point where she lays back and pulls me to her. She doesn’t say a word; just grabs my cock, and guides me in.  Then she looks me in the eyes and we go back to kissing.

She told me before that her favorite position was missionary. TGTBT.  I didn’t believe it at first, because it is my favorite position also. Something about kissing, full body contact, and the rhythm really turns me on. In my experience most professionals prefer doggy, for which I have mixed preferences. On the negative side, I do not get turned on staring down at a woman’s asshole. However, I do enjoy tightly grabbing hips. Firm, but with only light bruising.

After today, I am a believer in Karmen. She is new to the profession (still under a month’s experience). She might just be learning. However, it seemed very real. She let loose.  She got loud for the first time.  We held each other tight.  It was a great fucking lay. I really needed that. Afterwards, she snuggled up against my side and we fell asleep listening to the rain.

After a bit, we woke up. She started kissing me.  Rinse and repeat. Louder, harder faster. Holy cow. I love having sex with that woman. Inside voice!


How am I EVER going to get back to this level of sex with my wife? Night and day. Inconceivable.

I don’t think that means what you think it means.

  • The Princess Bride


Afterwards, we talked a little more about our real lives.  I like her. We are becoming more comfortable with one another. I broached the idea of an overnight.  She is interested. We’ll set something up in a few weeks.

I went back to work mid-afternoon. Nothing was happening.  All systems are up, issues are under control, to-do’s done, deals managed, etc…

Fuckit, I can take the rest of the day off.

I can’t be stoned when T gets home from the sanctuary, so I can’t go hang out with Layla.

Instead I text Kacey: “Hey hun, it’s me. Are you available this afternoon?”

“Sure am babe. Where have you been?”

5:15 PM, I brought her an offering of chocolate pudding cups. Her favorite. Moments later, I am naked in her bed receiving one of her signature blowjobs.  We are talking about religion somehow.  No idea how we got here from “thanks for the pudding”.

I am senseless. Ready to blow what little brains I have left out of my dick… She looks up one last time, and says “I haven’t had a good orgasm in a month. FUCK ME.” I could cut glass.

 I love Fridays.

I put the condom on. She lays out on her back, pulls me to her, says: “MISH”, and starts kissing me. I dive in. The rhythm begins.

The universe intervenes.

Her phone rings. Special tone. It is her brother. They are very close.  She answers.

I’m simultaneously kissing her neck and balls deep.

She tells him: “I can’t give you an answer right now. I’ll call you back in 15”. She flips the phone down on the bed, and it takes a bad bounce onto the floor. The phone explodes into pieces.  She laughs.

I look up. She eyeballs me: “DON’T STOP.”

We are fucking like banshees at this point. The bed is shimmying across the tile floor. Headboard knocking. Moaning encouragement to each other. JesusFuckingChrist this girl is horny.

Finally, we both blow.  Hearts racing. Sweaty. Out of breath.

“Thanks. I really needed that. Where have you been? you should come by more often”

As always, I end up with some kind of naked education on philosophy.

Where was this style of teaching when I was in school?

Now I am home with a bottle of wine. Supremely relaxed. Listening to Nina Simone.  T will be home shortly.  I will sleep well tonight.


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  1. VegasSparkle says:

    sounds like a great Friday!!

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    1. uehobbyist says:

      abso-fucking-lutely 🙂

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  2. The Virgin Rambles says:

    What a delicious session…

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  3. TheBloggingSD says:

    Wow you lucky dog! That was amazing

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