The Sexy Section of the Friend Zone

The Scarlet Tornado visited me at my hotel last night.  As always, we had a great time.  Although we both agreed we talk too much.  We made a pact that on the next visit, we there will be no talking, Just sex…right from the moment she walks in. Her idea. I am in.  Sounds like fun.  I probably won’t see her for a month, but it will be worth the wait.

That woman is as horny as I am.  We are starting to become friends, and spent as much time catching up on what’s-going-on-in-RL stories as we did working the mattress off of the boxspring.

I’ve just passed my 1 year mark of seeing escorts.  The sex has been fantastic.Scarlett grills me about what kind of sex I’m having.  She’s been focused on her day job for the past few months.  I’ve had more sex than her lately.

This session was a lot of fun

She makes it a goal to get as many orgasms out of me as she can.  Each time I come, she kicks it up a notch.  Sometimes her performance and vocalizations are over the top though.  Last session, there was this moment where she was kneeling on the floor blowing me while I stood up against a desk. She stopped at the last moment, and I came all over her face and tits.

“Oh baby it makes me so hot when you come all over me. I love your come!”

I burst out laughing mid spurt.

“Don’t laugh at me fucker, I’m being sexy for you.” Slaps my thigh. Big grin.  “Hand me that bottle of water.”

Oh yeah, we are becoming friends. Definitely a section of the friend zone I never knew existed.

When she left this time, the room was destroyed as usual.  Makeup smeared in the center of the bedspread. Faint smell of sex and cupcakes in the air.

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  1. VegasSparkle says:

    yaasss!!!!! lol!!

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