Unexpected Hookup

Ok so, I totally got picked up by a cougar in the hotel bar. She just left my room for the second night in a row.  That shit never happens to me.

I’m travelling in Detroit, and not staying in my usual hotel.  I like this new place!

I was supposed to meet a co-worker from Europe in the bar yesterday evening, but he fell asleep in his room and never showed.  Poor bastard had flown in from Belgium that morning and worked all day.

I was eating dinner at the bar when she sat next to me. Brunette, brown eyes with a great figure. She is in town on business.  After about 5 minutes, of glances and smiles, she comments: “That looks tasty, what are you eating?” Sometimes you just click with somebody out of the blue. The conversation caught on pretty quickly from there.

She is only drinking water, but orders dinner. I’ve had about half of a beer, and had just started my meal.

We sit there eating and talking for about an hour.  Early into the conversation, she starts weaving in questions about my wife. I guess you need to get that stuff out of the way quickly when you are trying to get laid.

About halfway into dinner she says.  “It must be tempting to fool around with all the travelling you do. Have you ever hooked up with anyone?”  Like a salesman handing me the pen.

I tell her we have an arrangement, without going into any detail. She smiles, and says: “You have nice hair, how old are you?” (Turns out she is 7 years my junior).  This must be the qualifying part of the interview…

  • Do you have sex with a lot of women?
  • Do you use protection?
  • Do you give blood, or have you ever been tested for STD’s?

The guy sitting on the other side of me is leaning over a little too far eavesdropping and almost falls off his stool at this point. LOL.

We finish up dinner.  She asks my opinion on dessert, orders and splits it with me. When she is signing her check she says “You know this hotel has a Jacuzzi?”

Half an hour later we are in the hot tub, still talking.  She has her feet in my lap.  We end up getting kicked out shortly thereafter because the pool area was closing for the night.

As we walk up the steps out of the pool, she turns, grabs my face, and pulls me into a deep kiss.  We stand there making out for a minute with the pool guy uncomfortably closing out.

One wall of the pool area is glass. There is a patio outside with live music. People are milling around.  When I come up for air, a few of them start applauding us. The guy who almost fell off his stool gives me a thumbs up.  As we get in the elevator, she says “I would love a backrub.”

Shortly thereafter we’re naked in my hotel bed.  She is beautiful. Great body. Tennis player.  Neither of us has condoms, so we limit ourselves to oral.  All together a nice evening for both of us. We are staying in the hotel at least one more night. We agree to repeat while we’re here

Tonight, we skipped dinner and she came right to my room. Hair up, shorts, and a tank top.  Right down to business.  I stopped at the drug store after work so we had no constraints this time.  Wow, talk about energetic. We fucked each other silly.

Afterwards, she gave me a big kiss goodbye, wished me safe travels, and invited me to look her up if I was ever in her neighborhood. In all my travels, this is the first time I actually hooked up with someone….She did all the work. If she hadn’t pursued me, I would not have asked.

How many times have I have passed up this opportunity?  Obviously I’m not trying hard enough.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. VegasSparkle says:

    yass!!! so many yessssesss!!!!! lol nice work my friend! how did it feel to be on end receiving end of being picked up? lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      It was very cool. that hasn’t happened to me in a long time.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. TheBloggingSD says:

    Your reading fans are smiling ear to ear – may the good times never end!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. nexis20 says:

    Yessssssss! Good job bud!


  4. R. Patience says:

    This was awesome. I love hearing about women who know what they want. Especially when they want travel hookups.


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