Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

T and I have been home a few days together and the subject of our relationship has not been touched. This is partly timing and also we both seem to be avoiding it.

T Comes Home

T got home last night. I am on a plane to Iowa this morning for an early client meeting tomorrow. I picked her up at the airport at 7pm. I am writing this on my flight out. We didn’t talk about the divorce yesterday, but the discussion needs to happen this week. It will suck, but avoiding it helps neither of us.

Enter Paula: Part 1 – The Closer

I went on a dinner date with a potential SB last night and finally started to see the differences between a sugar baby and an escort. This girl recently came out of a long term SD/SB relationship and is looking for her next. She reached out to me on SA. We met for sushi, then unexpectedly ended up back at my place for some very, very good sex.

Sex and Fitness – Part 3: What Kind of Exercise?

My routine has evolved over the last decade and a half. I have not always been good about it. There have been fits and starts. Probably the most important takeaway from my experience, is to treat it like a permanent life change, not a project that ends at some point and allows you to return to your old life.

Sex and Fitness – Part 2: How I Eat

I had to weed through the BS that everyone is trying to sell, so I could get to a permanent way of eating that is healthy and sustainable for me.

Sex and Fitness – Part 1: The Story

Lets talk about how sex and fitness. I’m no trainer or gym rat. I’m not ripped. I don’t have 6 pack abs. I also don’t have a gut. This isn’t an infomercial to pimp some sponsor who is paying me. Working on an average level of fitness has seriously helped me. Pay attention.

Sugar Daddy’s Worry Too

I admit it. Sometimes I get in too deep. I can’t help myself. I like to know a little about the people I’m having sex with. The problem with that is when they flake out and don’t call me when they said they would, I worry something has happened.


Not all of my experiences are golden. I’ve had a few requests lately to include the less than stellar moments as I run across them. So here goes…I had a lousy one today.