Stacy Might be a Nymphomaniac

It’s finally Friday.  I am exhausted, but want to get a quick post out before I crash tonight. My flight was late getting in last night. I didn’t get to bed until 3:30 am. I dragged my ass out of bed at 6 am to start work, then got seriously laid just after lunchtime. It’s not even dark outside and I’m in bed.

The visit with Stacy today was good. I was honestly trying to just invite her to dinner, but she has to work all weekend. She let me know she was having a shitty week and asked if she could just stop by for another hook up.

Her husband is giving her a lot of trouble in the divorce.  She sits on my lap and asks me to brush out her hair. I previously had this ritual with my first wife who had an unruly head of long hair. Stacy’s isn’t quite as long, but the effect is the same. Somehow soothing. Sometimes a woman just needs a man to be quiet and pay attention. So I brush her hair, and she talks about her spousal problem a bit. She tells me all about it. She’s right. She HAS had a shitty week.

Hearing more of her story, Stacy has been through some big life experiences.   I won’t spill her secrets.  I shall just say that her soul seems much older than her 28 years. No drama so far either, which is a very good sign.  Once I finish her hair she stands, takes my hand and leads me to the bedroom.

“Come on. I want to do some freaky things to you.”

An hour later, we are both soaked with sweat. The bed is destroyed. Our clothes are thrown everywhere. The big box of condoms I bought on Monday is now half gone. This is the second time we’ve hooked up.  I’m prepared for the screaming this time.  Each orgasm is louder than the last.   We should play loud music when she comes over next time.  The neighbors are going to think I’m beating someone.

I love a woman who wants to work out her angst with sex. She could totally be a nymphomaniac.

At the end, I collapse on top of her. Both of us quivering for a few moments. Sweaty embrace. Slow heavy breathing. Light kissing.

Afterwards, we shower together and talk a little more about our marital similarities and differences.  We are beginning to connect. She gets why I am frustrated with T, and I get why she is frustrated with her husband.

We make plans to go on a real date next week. There are some old bars in town with good live music. That will be fun.

Henry has just texted me for a little BF4 action.  Ok, just a few rounds….I have the whole weekend to sleep 🙂

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  1. You are quite a naughty philanderer:)

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    1. uehobbyist says:

      LOL< I need to get control of myself.

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  2. rainawareness says:



      1. rainawareness says:



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