Karmen in the Evening

Karmen Again

Saturday afternoon. I am killing time playing BF4 with Henry, and unexpectedly Karmen checks in with me on text.

I’d been thinking about her earlier.  Turns out business is slow.  Even though I’ve had a ton of sex this week, I miss the clarity of the escort encounter.

We agree to hook up.  I arrive at her place 90 minutes later. She’s happy to see me.  We’re comfortable with each other, and the sex we have together is very good.  She catches me up on how things have been going for her the past few weeks.  She is quickly becoming a veteran.  Very sharp. Good business mind.  She is saving money, developing a regular client base, and moving up the food chain.  She is also still modeling a little and repping some cosmetic products. She has the cheekbones for it.  Classic model bone structure.

We have a great session. We both come hard, multiple times. She pays me an unexpected compliment. She hasn’t had an orgasm with any other client than me so far.  LOL. I chalk that up to the quality of guys in our town. If we were in a better city…Either way, I am flattered.  Real or imagined, my ego is accepting of all compliments.

As we are wrapping up, she asks my opinion on her new glasses.  GWG. Totally HOT.  I’m not sure she believes me. She is a little self-conscious about it. I ask her to send me a selfie.

I ask her to dinner afterwards. She declines…has another date in an hour, plus she already bought a rotisserie chicken for later.  LOL.

Another time maybe.

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