The Tennis Mom

Potential SB #3 met me for lunch at a new pho place in my neighborhood.  The place is small, only a dozen tables. The food is excellent. Asian family owned.  The kids are waiting tables. Mom is on the cash register.

I love pho.

Her name is Jen (SB#3, not mom). Mid-thirties, blonde, petite with a nice figure. She has been divorced a little over a year, has a teen age son.  The kid is a tennis player and she is very active in the mom part of that scene.  Tennis is an expensive sport.

Hot suburban MILF trades sex to pay for her kid’s tennis lessons. CLASSIC.

We have a little chemistry, and are able to carry on a conversation without being naked. Covered a lot of topics, sex being one of them. People around us were definitely listening.

There was a thunderstorm raging outside, which masked most of our conversation. There was a point where the storm was so loud we had to raise or voices to hear each other. It stopped and suddenly everything was quiet.

Then she says: “You’re not into BDSM or anything heavy are you? Being put on a leash with a ball gag in my mouth does not turn me on at all.”   A little too loud.

The whole restaurant heard that one. Including mom on the register. Whoops.

Then with a lowered voice: “Don’t get me wrong, I like being tied up and spanked little sometimes…what girl doesn’t?”

On and on.  We also talked about some of the places we’ve both lived, the local real estate market, social work, foster care, snakes in her yard, etc. All in all a nice conversation.

There is some attraction here and the arrangement sounds promising.  Basically an allowance, two or three dates a week, plus meeting up occasionally for drinks or dinner.

We did not jump from the restaurant into the sack, which is a plus. Can’t believe I’m saying that.

I emailed her later to say thanks for meeting me, I am interested, but have a lot going on this month and will be moving slowly before striking a deal.  She replied that she was also interested and attracted to me.  Thanked me for lunch and said she has no problem proceeding slowly.  We are going to talk on the phone some more this afternoon.

“call me anytime after 3.” she says.

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