What Helps Me Keep Up

I just blocked out three hours on my calendar for Stacy to stop by my place tomorrow morning.  I’m looking forward to it and have been holding myself back all week in anticipation.

I’ve been corresponding with a new friend lately about a topic I have skirted on the blog until now:  Erectile Dysfunction.  I have a great sex life. However, I am not without experience with the frustrations of ED.

I have experienced this issue off and on, and spent the last year trying different things when it cropped up.

I am more than a little embarrassed. However, the only people reading this blog who know me in RL have already had sex with me.  This is not news to them.

So what the hell, here goes…

I am a healthy guy for 49 years old. I run three times a week, maintain a reasonable weight, and eat properly. I have a full head of hair. My cholesterol is a little too high, and I probably drink too often.  I take no medication for anything: blood, allergies, erection, etc.

I never have trouble getting it up in the beginning of a session. But sometimes need extended recovery time before I am ready to go again.

I prefer MSOG when I see an escort, and usually book at least 2 hours. If I do things right, and follow my own rules, I am good for 3 or 4 orgasms in a 2 hour session.

The most important thing I have found is that it matters very much who I am having sex with.  I have to be attracted and feel like they are into the session.

Ladies featured in the blog like Charlotte really bring out the personal best in me.  She is sexy, beautiful, skilled and patient.

In person. I’ve tried many tips and tricks. Several escorts have helped me along the way.  Escorts are the world’s leading experts on ED and many have some great  workarounds.  I’m not saying any of this is a magic cure for ED. I’m also sure there are guys who suffer much worse than I am describing here.  Nevertheless this stuff has worked for me.

7 Things That Improve My Sexual Performance

  1. Stop masturbating so much. I try to go 2 or 3 days before a session with no masturbation. If you must masturbate, only edge yourself. Don’t come.
  2. Eat Healthy – Portion control, more vegetables and less processed food. Personally, I eat more vegetables than meat. Scoff if you want, but it has had a huge effect on my stamina, and my cholesterol dropped 100 points.
  3. Exercise – 30 minutes of real cardio 3x per week.
  4. Be aware of your sex position. For example, pumping hard at doggy will send more blood to your thighs than to your cock. Try missionary, or just slow down.
  5. Watch your mindset – once things start to go soft in a session, it is a self-defeating mental game. Don’t let it get you down…and don’t be a dick about it with your lady. Sometimes, I have to just call it quits. Recognize when that moment is upon you and be a gentleman about it.  Pardon the puns. Couldn’t resist.
  6. Book Longer Sessions– Unless you are a one pop guy, go for 90 mins or 2 hours (at a minimum).
  7. Slow Down – Ladies, please…. If we are in the second or third round, speeding up increases the chances of taking too long to come and also losing my erection.  Two examples…
    1. BJ: The thing just goes numb if you work too fast or vigorously.   Check this post:  Philosophy and a Blowjob.  Kacey is queen of the BJ.  She can get me up again in record time using her slow, thoughtful technique.  Yes, the slower she goes, the faster I get hard and ready to come.
    2. Regular Intercourse: “Fuck Me Faster Baby!” in doggy is more likely to cause me to lose my erection in the middle when all the blood goes to my thighs. Speeding up in the very end is ok, but I need to be really, really close to coming.

I’ve discussed this slower concept with several escorts who disagree with me on it. The argument is that most guys need vigorous stimulation. The ladies probably know more about it than I do.  I only know what works best for me. I recommend you give this approach some thought though.

So there you have it.  These are the things that help me keep it up.  I will try to be more open about it in the regular posts and hopefully you guys will find some of this stuff useful.

I am definitely ready for Stacy tomorrow and will put up a post.

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  1. Waltermitty925 says:

    Excellent post! I get this worse than you do, but I’m 11 years older. All of your remedies are accurate. Healthy diet is crucial. Also, don’t be afraid of Viagra if the time comes. I take 50 mg the day before to prime the pump, then 100 mg the day of. It works. My ATF claims that ED is quite common and she’s awesome about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uehobbyist says:

      Thank W. Any tips are welcomed.


  2. I agree with you on going slower


  3. R. Patience says:

    So far I’ve been amazed by your stamina. You’re more than 10 years my senior and nailing several chicks a day multiple times in a session. Before I met Meredith I never knew that was even possible for me. My wife just doesn’t get me that sexually aroused. One and done, and give me two days rest. Then I found sex with Meredith could go many rounds in a couple hours. But it’s only happened a couple times. You’re going over a year now. Very impressive!


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